We are getting started on a kitchen reno towards that end I would require some new appliances. I had gone to Lowes to purchase these appliances first and had delivery set for Friday morning. Lowes showed up for delivery and upon bringing my new 33" square refrigerator inside our home declared that it would not fit up the 36" wide hallway with 5 steps. Then they asked if I wanted the 24" wide dishwasher delivered. I respectfully declined. The delivery personnel were third party contractors and I guess more suited to delivering bricks and wood and not furniture or appliances. They did not even have a fridge mover dolly with them, just a small home owner type big tire hand truck. So needless to say I was very disappointed and realized my error of trying to buy appliances at a home improvement store. I spoke with the manager at Lowes but the only suggestion that seemed workable for him was for me to hire my own people off of Kijiji, get a receipt and he would gladly reimburse me. So Friday afternoon I found myself at The Brick purchasing the same fridge and dishwasher. Great people to deal with, even took the time to explain the features of the new appliances to me as I had not been properly educated at Lowes. My new appliances were delivered on Sunday without incident by people who knew what they were doing and very experienced. They did not even need a fridge dolly as they simply put straps under the bottom of the refrigerator and picked the fridge up and carried it upright, up the stairs, and placed it against the wall. Very strong young men indeed. So moral of this little storey is, don't buy appliances and furniture, for that matter at a lumber store. Buy your appliances and furniture at the proper store that handles these things all the time and has capable people.