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    Does anyone remember the Summer Escape tickets that went on sale in 2017?

    If you were a Scene member, you could buy prepaid ticket packs at a discount for different grades of presentations: Bronze (2D), Silver (3D/AVX/IMAX) then Gold (4DX/VIP)

    In any event, these went on sale late Spring in 2017 and were to be valid for that Summer and the following summer (2018). They didnt repeat the offer last year, but your tickets were advertised as being valid for both Summers.

    HOWEVER, I just noticed that I still have an unused ticket that I can STILL redeem THIS Summer.

    If you think you might have any of these leftover in your cache, it might be worth checking out. Ticket prices have only gone up... and if you have a pre-paid ticket you might as well make use of it.

    (REMINDER: You earned Scene points at the time you bought those tickets originally, so you wont earn any on redemption)
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