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Thread: FreshCo (Zone 1, ON, gta) March 9 - 15

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    Okay folks, repeat after me: "It's better to have some flyers than none...!"

    Also known as...flyer week fail. Grrr. I have only FreshCo and Metro, and 28 pages of Canadian Tire for sneak peeking. Flyer guy didn't leave me "extras", and my area does not seem to be getting the ones I used to. sigh. You get what I get...and, that is zombies and not much else! (Heh, just checking if you're reading this).

    Anyway...advance thanks to couponlady, who will probably post so many more flyers here when they go "live".
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    The grass-fed butter deal is going to fly on Thursday-it'll be popular.
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    Not with me 😁 -- only 250g in size so would rather wait for a better deal on the full size butter ..
    Quote Originally Posted by Ciel21 View Post
    The grass-fed butter deal is going to fly on Thursday-it'll be popular.

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    Thanks for all the pics. Because, "It's better to have some flyers than none...!"

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