Remember I posted this thread five years ago about being in the psych ward at Peace Arch Hospital? I was there for four months from August 2017 to December 2017.

My first of two complaints is about a dayshift nurse and I'll say that I'm a picky eater and there's a lot of things I don't like, so when I got up from the table one day after I wasn't there very long to phone my parents to bring me something I like the nurse insisted I should try whatís on my tray because she thought I might be surprised with myself. Also when I let my life skills worker know later on that I'd just about lost it I didn't like it that he said I would have to stay in the hospital longer if I did lose it. And the same nurse who was forceful about me trying the food that was given to me that I didn't like had said just a day earlier that if my parents could bring me food I like from home that would be great.

My other complaint is about a nightshift nurse. I would always sit in my room and wait for her to bring my nighttime meds to me at 9:30 and this seemed to work every night that I had her as a nurse until one night after I'd already been there for four months she said that as soon as itís 9:30 I can come to the nursing station and ask for them. I donít think she was yelling, but she sounded aggressively firm when saying this to me and she embarrassed me in front of my roommates who were with me in my four-patient bedroom. Then the following night when it was 9:30 I was gunna do as she said and go to the nursing station to ask for my meds, but she was away from there giving meds to another patient. After I got in line behind that other patient she said to me again that I can come and ask her for them, but the way she said it this time sounded like how she would say it to me if I didnít remember what she said on the night before about coming to ask for my meds when I am ready for them or like how she would say it if she thought I wasnít gunna listen to her about what she said to do. I'll say that I am visually impaired and couldn't see with the other patient standing in front of me that she was holding a tray on the opposite side of her with my meds on it. And then the night after that (being the third that I had issues with this nurse) when I showed up at the nursing station another patient was already there in line in front of me. So as soon as I got in line the nurse said to give her a minute. Now at first I wasnít sure if she was talking to me or that other patient and then because I was still standing behind him she said to me in a rather snappy tone of voice quote, ďgo sit down and give me a minute.Ē Again I am visually impaired and I wasn't sure if she was talking to me or the other patient the first time that she said to give her a minute,

Do you think that going to
and providing a complaint where I give the first names of the two nurses under the category "complaints about patient care quality" would be the right thing to do and would it look good on me?