Hi Everybody ! I have a question about personal information being breached at my Job. I work from home full time as a sub contractor for a Virtual call center. Until recently We just had an inhouse person do our payroll but I guess upper management decided to go with a payroll company , For efficiency In doing that I was required to upload My Driver licence and Sin Card . I did that this Past Sunday , Monday morning before work had a Co-Worker Message Me that I had Lied to him about my age and that the pics I had sent to him looked Nothing like me . THe Only place he would have gotten this information would have been from those two cards that I uploaded on Sunday , There are No pics of Me on the internet Nor is there My Birthdate Every where My Dob is needed I generally put a part of it Wrong. My question is Are there any legal steps That i can take togety justice for myself , I mean if the worst part is that He found out that I am, older than I told him My Bad !!! but he also would of had access to my DL Number as well as SIN Number