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    I don't really have a set razor that I'm keen on, so I tend to like to dabble a little bit. I got a coupon for a Venus Breeze and I decided to try it out and find out what the 'hype' was with these things!!

    I do admit that when I tried it they did give a really close shave for my legs (I found I didn't need to shave my legs as often as I would a disposable razor), but found no difference in my underarms, compared to any other razor I've tried.

    What I really couldn't wait to try out was the fact that you didn't need to use any shave gel, that it was already included around the razor. Ugh...I found it got all gucky and it's not all that appealing. It runs out REALLY quickly, even though I found the blade to keep on shaving just as well as the first! The shave gel being included was a great idea, but it really fell short of my expectations

    *Shave gel already included
    *Don't need to shave as often on legs
    *Easy to grip handle (and a pretty colour too )

    *Shave gel around the outside runs out REALLY fast (maybe 3 or 4 shaves, which can get really really really costly)
    *The refills themselves are pretty expensive
    *Found no difference in the underarm shave test

    I guess in the end it's a pretty decent razor, if you're willing to shell out the bucks for the refills quite a bit. I'd give it 3.5 out of 5 stars (but I probably wouldn't pay more than $3 for it)!

    Oh and a tip I learned that I didn't know about "these" kind of razors (Venus Embrace & Schick Intuition included), was to store them upside down (blade facing up) so they don't dry out as quick (the more money I can save on razors, the better)!
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