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    Nestle purelife natural spring water 20X500ml $1.99(limit of 4)
    Breyers double churn, Ben & Jerry's ice cream or treats $3.99
    Carrots, onions, beets or potatoes 10lb 3 for $5
    Boneless pork loin $1.99/lb
    Bertolli olive oil 1l $5.99
    MC soft drinks 12X355ml $1.99
    Lean cuisine or Stouffers entrees $1.99
    Europe's best or Green giant frozen veggies $1.99
    Beatrice chocolate milk 4l $4.99
    Ristorante pizza $3.99
    Mc cain creal pies frozen $1.29
    Pillsbury pizza pops 12s $4.99
    Kellogg's nutrigrain bars, wafer straws, fruit snacks, Special k bars $1.99
    Nescafe rich instant coffee $4.49
    Carnation hot chocolate $2.99
    Nesquik 3X200ml $1.99
    Tropicana orange juice 1.89l $2.99
    Betty crocker cake mix or frosting $0.99
    Lays chips $2.49
    ED smith pumpkin $1.99
    Ocean spray cocktails $2.99
    Heinz tomato juice $0.99
    Lipton sidekicks $0.99
    Stove top $0.99
    Oasis juice $0.99
    Carnation evaporated milk $0.99
    Bicks pickles 1l $1.99
    Kraft salad dressings 475ml $2.29
    Dole pineapple $0.59
    Cavendish fries 1kg $1.29
    Tenderflake pie shells or puff pastry $2.49
    Clorox wipes $1.39
    Always pads or liners $3.29
    Top sirloin steak $4.99/lb
    Grade A turkey $1.79/lb
    Hothouse tomatoes $0.79/lb
    McIntosh,empire,cortland apples 3lb $1.99
    Almonds and pistachios 300g $2.99
    Dole cole slaw or classic iceberg salad $0.99
    Large pumpkin $2.99
    Sunmail raisin bread $3.29
    Green cabbage $0.89ea
    Pepper squash $0.79ea
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    Canadian Tire price matches clorax wipes. They had a coupon book available early Sept. and had buy 2 save $1 so take your Food Basic Flyer with your CT clorax wipes and save more money! A happy couponmom

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