I figured since it was under discussion in the Parent's section I'd review something I can't live without.

My hubby works nights and isn't there often at night to get into the actual bath with my 10 month old son. So when we started shopping around for something to actually go into the tub with him (besides mom), we looked long and hard. I wanted something secure, something that gave him free range, and something DURABLE.

We found the bathring by Safety 1st, that clips to the side of the tub. We managed to get it 2nd hand for $18, but they do retail for around $40 (a little much for a plastic bath ring!!) It's been real good to me though, and can't complain too much My kid LOVES it. He can still splash around and have free range, but still be secure enough in his seat. If anyone is looking for a bath ring, I'd definitely recommend this one!


*Still gives baby free range of the tub
*Swivels in all directions
*Has secure grip that will suction to the side of the tub (adjusts according to size of tub)
*Non-slip bottom


*Expensive to buy ($40+ dollars)
*Doesn't fit ALL tubs, if you have an odd shaped tub, or a thicker than usual tub, it won't fit
*Bulky to store away
*Sometimes bath ring lifts off bottom of tub (no suction cups)
*NEVER LEAVE UNSUPERVISED because once baby starts realizing he/she can pull themselves up, they will try to get out of it (its fairly easy for them to get out)

In all it's not bad, and does the trick! I'd never leave him unsupervised in the bath regardless so for $18, it was a great investment I look forward to seeing what other moms have to say about bath time

I give it 3/5 stars! It'd have more stars if it wasn't so bulky to store away and had some suction on the bottom for extra safety!