Ok today I got a new v-tech cordless phone and a bell cordless phone (Not out of my pocket but a friends)

I wanted to test each ones durability to see which was more durable and could last longer.

V-tech phone was 25.99 & Bell was 50.00$

I dropped both phones on my hardwood floor, each back end where the batteries are lids popped off (of course) and each battery was dangling, I put each phone back together to see which would work. V-TECH worked perfectly while the bell cordless phone was broken and would not work what so ever I tried everything to get it to work, no use. When I dropped both phones, I was on a chair standing straight up at the same length and at the same speed.

The reason why I tried this was because of the fact that Im sure everyone on the face of the earth has dropped there cordless & I wanted to see which was worth the money.

So theres my little test