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    Hello tek guros, i need help buying a palm tx. first of all i need it for medical information. what is the best place to buy. second what is the reason it is not sold at Bestbuy or Future shop any more. is there any problem with Plam tx any new version coming up .please help .i have been trying to find a good deal but palm Company itself has increased its prices. pleases help as soon as possible.
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    I did a cursory search on the Palm T|X, and Palm Inc's website lists Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs and as Canadian vendors for Palm products. The T|X is no longer available at any of these sites from what I can gather. It is also currently out of stock at Palm.

    As far as I can surmise, the product has been run out of stock. As to whether it has been discontinued, there is no introduction date for when it was introduced that I can find, but the system requirements are Windows 2000 and XP, as well as Mac OS X 10.2 to 10.4. Given that no compatibility is mentioned with the current Windows Vista or Mac OS X 10.5, I assume this is a much older product. Windows 2000 and OS X 10.2 are now obsolete.

    However, when you go to the Palm website and click on the Handhelds category, the Palm T|X is front and centre.

    I assume that the issue may just be that the current supply of inventory has been exhausted do to holiday shopping. You may wish to contact Palm directly to inquire about expected availability for this item. The Palm Handhelds support page is at

    You should be able to use the Live Chat option to ask about availability.

    Hope this helps!

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