C'mon and join the party & start posting deals! :)

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  1. barbs
    I just wanted to say Hi! to everyone, especially those who attended the Vancouver Coupon group this past Saturday!

    I'll start by posting that this week's best deals are PMing the RCSS flyer for razors, shaving cream, and any other Gillette item - if you have the SAVE$wub3 coupon, you can get some great deals.

    Also the Jergen's - $4.99 - and you can there are printables of $2.50, $1.50 & $1.50 plus the $3WUB2 coupon (I found mine at SDM.)
  2. Lattelady
    Now you are going to have to tell us how to get her the next time
  3. start-the-car
    Am I in?
  4. dealseeker80
    im here!
  5. Biggette
    Thanks for the tip on the Vancouver Area Meetings thread, glad to be here!
  6. start-the-car
    The new coupons are finally starting to show up in Surrey. I found some at Save On at 152 & FH and at Shoppers across the street. Someone also posted they are also at Safeway at 104 and KG.
  7. barbs
    I found a few of them @ Safeway & PriceSmart - no Janes coupons though.
  8. ukeedays
    I'm here! I was at the coupon trade on sat. Had a great time, nice to get out and meet people with the same addiction....I mean hobby
    Lisa here!
  9. dealseeker80
    I found the following coupons at save-on, shoppers and safeway (all on 152nd in surrey) when I went coupon shopping a few days ago:

    premium plus crackers $1wyb2
    clover leaf $1wyb3
    biobest yogurt $1
    sunlight deep clean detergent $1 (expires oct 31/11!)
    twinings tea $0.30
    dove deoderant $1
    degree deoderant $0.50
    crest $0.75
    gillette deoderant $1
    kraft amooza twists or sport cheese $1
  10. start-the-car
    Just in case you haven't noticed there are some stacking oportunities with RCSS. There is Coupon Zone Premium Plus $2.00 and the new tear pad $1.50 also there is Coupon Zone Caramilk $1.00 and the $1.00 coupon that was sent out with the Facebook freebiee Caramilk.
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