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    Thanks so much for the coupons you dropped off!!
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    I like your username, it's like the commercial!
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    1.00 Cheemo Perogie coupons- NED are out there because I have some Just can't remember which magazine I cut them out of. This was a couple of years ago. Maybe the company does not put these coupons out any more but they did at one time
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    I have been looking for the same Cheemo perogies coupon that you are seeking.

    I e-mailed Cheemo about it and was told by an employee the coupons do not exist.

    The company prefers to offer their products at the lowest retail price instead and does not use coupons at all.
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    was wondering how many Iogo coupons you have?n and what you d like to trade for?
    check my coupon list
  16. Oh wow thanks! I need thing to fill my new house lol. My DD 14 will be leaving Inter A @ Kwantlen Park to go to North Surrey.
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    Awesome!! I miss my VIP SPC card (exp july 31) ....yeah, i find it better to PM at Zellers as CT here always runs out of stuff!!
    Happy you got the deal on the paper!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
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    Sorry lol i havent met you! im just looking for people who coupon near me as i am new to this Just looking for advice!!
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    O.M.G........i love your screen name..... that is soooo fuNNy........START-THE-CAR!!!!!...START-THE-CAR!......START-THE-CARRRR!
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    I'll definitely contribute to the Surrey coupon thread. I saw somewhere on here that someone found a bunch of the new Smartsource coupons at the Pharmasave by Guilford.
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    Not looking for anything in particular, just curious what's out there. Actually, I'd love to find the $1 Stouffers Bistro coupons.

    Vacation was great! Had beautiful weather everywhere, though it was freezing cold in the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately I've been sick ever since I got home with a nasty cold or flu or something. Lots of congestion & coughing & all that fun stuff. And still no luck finding a job.

    Will try to make it out to the next meeting! My in-laws are doing some home renos that weekend & they might need some help, so we'll see what happens. Weekdays work a bit better for me because I can go while hubby's at work & then he doesn't have to know about it. hahah! A couple of people in Surrey are possibly planning a get-together around here during the week, so I'm going to try to go to that as well if it actually happens. I think that's being discussed in the Surrey forum.
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    Hello! How are doing? How's the coupon hunting going lately? I've been sick the past few weeks and haven't been looking as much as normal. Anything good out there?
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    THANK YOU so much for those wonderful free drinks!! ahh... I`ve been enjoying them so much this week!! have a great weekend!! Thank you!!
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    Hi I would love some of those... I'm not in tomorrow... but if you are in the mall you can leave them at my store... I will let my staff know ... if you don't feel comfortable doing that it's okay!! thanks so much for thinking of me!!
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    Thanks for the rep! Good to know that I'm not alone in my thinking!
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    Hey! Sorry, you totally caught me off guard today at IGA. I can't stop yapping about coupons to my husband, but when I'm faced with someone who actually "gets it," I draw a complete blank. Go figure.

    Just wondering if you've had any trouble getting the red plum & smart source? Our paper carrier quit & we haven't been receiving the paper or coupons. Any tips on where to find extra copies of the inserts in Surrey?

    Also, I went to Walmart at Guilford after IGA & omg the line-ups!! But worse than that, they had *just* put out a display of Dove shampoo & conditioner & they had little coupon booklets on the shelf (still bound with an elastic band) & I got sooo excited because the coupons were great... Aaaaand then I realized they'd expired Dec. 31, '10. I'm so sad. There were 4 coupons per booklet. Would have been great for stacking at LD.
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    Thanks for the rep! I wasn't always that positive... believe me, I was completely opposite. I guess I just realized feeling sorry for myself wasn't working anymore. I figure that as long as I can be positive something has to change... even if it is just my attitude!
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    Thanks for the rep!
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    Really? must be our different locations. Both mine had coupons printed inside the cardboard. Oh well.
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    Lol yes! I was dreaming of coupons too! You should see me a few days before the new Ld flyer...stacking in my sleep!
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About start-the-car

Basic Information

About start-the-car
Surrey, B.C.
Trade List:

--Buy 2 participating cereal Get 1 Yoplait yogurt FREE ...598 ex.9/30/15 **vaild only at Associated grocers, Buy-Low, Overwaitea (save on foods, Price smart, Cooper, Urban Fare) HY Louie, Fresh street market, Country grocers, Fairway, BC Independent, Freeson Group, and Quality foods.
(participating cereals are cherrios, oatmeal crisp, cinnamon/french toast crunch, golden grahams, nestle quick, reese peanut butter puffs, lucky charms, fibre 1,chex, edge, special edition minions, nature valley granola and Museil)

-Save $1.00 on strawberries WUB any 2 Nestle Areo Big Bubble bars 95g - 105g ...834 ex.5/31/16

-Save $2.00 WUBRobin Hood flour (any size) and BC blueberries ...926 ex.9/30/15

-Save $1.25 WUB Kraft singles and Campbell's ready to serve soup ...281 ex.9/30/15

-Save $2.00 WUB Special K protien cereal and any pack of Special K protien bars ...151 ex.12/31/15

-Catelli Smart $1.00 WUB2 375g ...352 ex.9/30/15 (websaver)
-Dainty Time-Wise Whole grain brown rice1.2kg or parbroiled rice 2kg $1.00 ...174 ex.12/31/15
-Dainty Basmati 900g or Jasmine 900g $1.00 ...175 ex.12/31/15
-Seeds of Ghange $1.00 ...955 ex.12/31/15
-Uncle Ben's Quick cook Perfection rice 700g or 1.6kg $1.00 ...751 ex.12/31/15
-Uncle Ben's Bistro Express rice 240g - 250g $1.00 ...447 ex.12/31/15
-Uncle Ben's Bistro Express rice 240g - 250g $1.00 ...229 ex.12/31/15
-Uncle Ben's Bistro Express rice sides 240g - 250g $1.00 ...248 ex.12/31/15

-Barbours Almond Butter $1.00 ...393 NED
-Bertolli 500ml, 1L, 2L, 155ml spray $1.00 ...687 ex.12/31/15
-Bick's any product .50 ...422 ex.12/31/15
-Dr Oetker mousse, pir filling, pie crust, pudding, supreme, mug cake, creme Brulee & creme caramel .50 ...772 ex,12/31/16
-Heinz Chili 455ml or Heinz seafood sauce $1.00 ...900 ex.12/31/15
-Hellmann's 890ml - 1.42L $2.00 ...072 ex.11/14/15
-Heluva Good Dip .50 ...066 ex.9/30/15
-Hidden Valley Ranch $1.00 ...449 ex.9/30/15
-Keebler ready crust .75 ...159 NED
-Kikkoman 250ml or larger .50 ...348 NED
-Lynch sauces 375ml $1.00 WUB2 ...870 ex.8/29/15 (websaver)
-Mrs. Renfro's .50 ...842 ex.12/31/16
-Patak's $1.00 ...481 ex.12/31/15
-Smuckers toppings $2.00 WUB2 ...166 ex.12/31/15
-Sharwood's any product .50 ...251 NED
-Sharwood's curry sauces, pastes, chtneys,curry powder and birtanis .50 ...712 NED
-Tabasco $1.50 ...193 ex. 12/31/15
-Tabasco $1.00 ...209 ex.12/31/15
-Taipan Sauce 350ml .35 NED
-T. Marzetti Ranch veggie dip .50 ...760 NED
-VH Sauce $1.00 WUB2 ...744 ex.9/30/15

-Carr's $1.00 WUB2 ...832 ex.12/31/15
-Chef Boyardee 418g-425g .50 ...731 ex.9/28/15 (insert)
-Clover Leaf Toppers $2.00 ...925 ex.6/30/16
-Clover Leaf flavoured tuna 85g .50 WUB2 ...531 NED
-M'Lord .75WUB2 ...668 ex. NED
-Old El Paso Restaurante seasoning FREE Oct 2 only ...095 (
-Sharwood's ANY .50 NED
-Vlasic 1L jar pickles $1.00 ...418 ex.12/31/15

-After Eight 300g $1.00 ...462 ex. 9/30/15
-Aero buy any 2 95g - 105g $1.00 ...612 ex.12/31/15
-Dare Realfruit products (149g-1kg) $1.00 ...717 ex.12/31/15
-Del Monte 5x 200ml .50 ...056 ex.3/31/16
-Dr Oetker Mug cake .50 ...639 ex.12/31/15
-Enjoy Life product $1.00 ...124 ex.9/30/15
-Kashi Seven Grain with quinoa crunchy bars 200g $1.00 ...753 ex.1/31/16
-Kashi Seven Grain with quinoa crunchy bars 200g $1.00 ...180 ex.12/31/15
-Keebler waffle bowls or cones .75 ...157 NED
-Kelloggs snack varieties, Rice Krispies squares, Nutri Grain, Special K Crisps,Special K Protien bars, Vector Protien bars, All-Bran bars or Pop-Tarts $1.00 WUB2 ...210 ex.12/31/15
-McVitie's $1.00 WUB2 ...835 ex.12/31/15
-Quaker Crispy Mini $1.00 ...650 ex.9/13/15
-Rolo 4x52g multipack or 203g $1.00 ...609 ex.12/31/15
-Skinny cow confectionery multipacks $2.00 ...547 ex.9/30/15
-Summer Fresh mmmmousse 232g 4pk. $1.00 ...213 ex.12/31/15
-Turtles 300g / 400g $1.00 ...475 ex. 9/30/15

-All But Gluten $1.25 ...449 ex.9/30/15
-All-Bran cereal 380g - 670g $1.00 ...926 ex.12/31/15
-Coyote 900g or 1.5 kg pancake mix .50 ...352 NED
-Kashi cereal 200g - 400g $1.00 ...177 ex.12.31/15
-Kashi Organic Promise 388g $1.00 ...740 ex.1/31/16
-Morning Crisp 500g $1.00 ...013 ex.12/31/15
-Vector granola Honey almond 317g $1.00 ...324 ex.7/1/16

-Asto any (excluding 175g or 200g) $1.00 ...920 ex.12/31/15-Astro any yogurt 650g or 750g .75 ...079 ex.12/31/15
-Astro Athentikos yogurt $1.00 ...975 ex.12/31/15
-Asto Zero multi pks $1.00 ...946 ex.10/31/15
-Olympic Krema Organic or Olympic Krema 500g or 650g or 1.75kg or 8x 100g $1.00 ...785 ex.12/31/15
-Olympic organic Kefir any 2L $1.00 ...958 ex.12/31/15
-Olympic Organic 650 ml .50 ...945 ex.10/31/15
-Olympic Organic 650g or 500ml or 250g or 1.75kg or 8x 100g $1.00 ...772 ex.12/31/15

-becel margarine 1.5lbs+ $1.00 ...061 ex.11/30/15
-Black Diamond cheese spread $1.00 ...295 ex.12/31/15
-Black Diamond cheesstrings 16 or 28pk. $1.00...282 ex.12/31/15
-Cracker Barrel shredded cheese 250g - 320g $1.50 ...444 ex.12/31/15
-Cracker Barrel Natural Cheese Slices 220g-240g $1.00 ....728 ex. 12/31/15
-Egg Creations liquid egg product $1.00 ...459 ex.12/31/15
-Galbani fresh mozzarella 226g - 340g $1.00 ...885 ex.12/31/16
-Gay Lea sour cream .50 ...443 ex.12/31/15
-Naturegg Omega Plus liquid egg product $1.00 ...446 ex.12/31/15
-Naturegg Simply Egg Whites 500g .50 ...651 ex.12/31/15
-Naturegg Simply Egg liquid egg product 500g $1.00 ...436ex.12/31/15
-Naturegg Simply Egg liquid egg product 500g $1.00 ...664 ex.12/31/15
-Naturegg Simply Egg Whites liquid egg product $1.00 ...475 ex.12/31/15
-Organic Meadow product (excluding 250ml) .75...385 ex.3/31/16
-Philadelphia Brick chocolate cream cheese 250g B2G1 FREE (websaver)
-Philadelphia whipped cream cheese $1.00 12/31/15
-President feta 150g - 700g $1.00 872 ex.12/31/16
-President sealable product $1.00 ...801 ex.12/31/16
-Sabra product 227g + $1.00 ...253 ex.9/30/15 (
-Saputo .50 ...984 ex.9/30/15

-Black River Angus product $1.00 ...207 ex.5/31/16
-Black River Angus product $1.00 ...047 NED
-House Foods Tofu Shirataki any variety .50 ...299 ex.12/31/16
-Maple Leaf fully cooked chicken or turkey strips 150g, 300g, or 400g $2.00 ...409 ex.12/31/15 (insert)
-Olymel pulled pork 400g $2.00 ...736 ex.9/30/15
-Piller's .75 ...051 ex.10/10/15 (

-Alokozay tea $1.00 ...572 ex.12/31/15
-Nescafe Specialty Variety (any Cappuccino or Latte variety) $1.00 ...390 ex.9/30/15
-Nescafe Specialty Variety (any Cappuccino or Latte variety) $1.00 ...417 ex.9/30/15
-Nescafe Tasters Choice 100g .50 ...508 ex.12/31/15
-Traditional Medicinals Tea $1.00 ...702 ex.1/1/16
-Twinings .50 ...794 ex.12/31/15
-Typhoo 80ct or 80ct decaf .75 ...212 ex.NED

-Carnation Breakfast Essentials $1.00 ...518 ex.9/30/15
-Carnation Hot chocolate any product $1.00 ...374 ex.9/30/15
-Danactive or Danactive no added sugar packs 8x93ml $1.00 ...141 ex.12/31/15
-Del Monte 5x 200ml .50 ...056 ex.3/31/16
-Ensure cheques $2.00 ex. 10/28/15,12/30/15,3/31/15
-Grimmway farms juice any flavour or size .55 ...747 ex12/31/15
-Hawaiian Punch 1.89L or 6x296ml $1.00 ...173 ex.9/30/15 (insert)
-Manitoba Harvest protein powder 330g+ $1.00 ...068 ex.11/31/15
-Natura Almond .75 ...686 ex.12/31/16
-Natura Almond .75 ...661 ex.12/31/15
-Natura Soya beverage 1.89L $1.00 ...665 ex.12/31/15
-Natura Rice beverage .75 ...671 ex.12/31/15
-Natura Rice beverage .75 ...688 ex.12/31/16
-Natura Soya, Almond & Rice .50 ...682 ex.12/31/16
-Natura any flavour and format FPC ...690 ex.12/31/16
-Nesfruta liquid enhancer $1.00 ...420 ex.9/30/15
-Nestea liquid enhancer $1.00 ...433 ex.9/30/15
-Nestea liquid enhancer $2.00 ...641 ex.12/30/15
-Nestea or Goodhouse product $1.00 ...566 ex.12/31/15
-Oasis 5x 200ml .50 ...055 ex.3/31/16
-Oasis Smoothie 1.75L $1.00 ...047 ex.12/31/15
-Oasis Nutrisource 1.36L $1.00 ...037 ex.12/31/15
-Pure Leaf Iced Tea, Tropicana Watermelon, Lemonade, etc. etc. $1.00 ...839 ex.12/31/15
-Pure Leaf Iced Tea 547ml or 1.75L $1.00 ...264 ex.12/31/15
-Schweppes 2x 2L or 1, 12x 355ml dark gingerale $2.00 ...602 ex.10/31/15 (insert)

-Buitoni Pizza $1.00 ...534 ex.9/30/15
-Eggos $1.00 ...359 ex.9/30/15
-Delissio vintage pizza $1.00 ...625 ex.12/31/15
-Gusto della Casa $1.00 ...463 ex.12/31/15
-Hormel Compleats microwave meals $1.00 ...409 ex. NED
-MacKeller Farms edamame $1.00 ...111 ex.1/1/16
-Marc Angelo product $1.00 ...199 ex.5/31/16
-McCain pizza Pockets 4pk or 8 pk. $1.00 ...918 ex.9/30/15

-Blue Diamond Nut Thins crackers 120g .75WUB2 ...210 ex.12/31/15
-Carr's $1.00 WUB2 125g-200g ...832 ex.12/31/15
-Dare Boulangerie Grissol Morning thinsor sweet Thins $1.00 ...227 ex.12/31/15
-Dare Breton Popped all varieties $1.00 ...028 ex.12/31/15
-Grissol Baguettes Artisanal $1.00WUB2 ...399 ex.12/21/15
-Ritz To-Go product $1.00 ...424 ex.12/31/15
-Special K Cracker Chips 113g or Popcorn Chips 127g $1.00 WUB2 ...838 ex.12/31/15

-Dole Spinach Cherry Almond Blue Salad kit or Endless Summer salad kit $1.00 ...221 NED
-Earthbound Farm product $1.00 ...257 ex.12/31/15

-Glad Cling wrap or press'n seal (excludes 30m).75 ...407 ex.11/30/15
-Kruger products .75 ...111 ex.12/31/15 (pellie)
-Scott paper towels $1.00 ...402 NED
-Scott paper towels long lasting roll or Mega roll $1.00 WUB2 ...341 NED
-Ziploc storage bags $1.00 ...271 12/31/15

-Oxiclean dishwasher $3.00 ...552 ex.9/30/15
-Pine-Sol .75 ...061 ex.12/31/15
-Sunlight dishwasher detergent Up to 50% off ...239 ex.9/30/15 (insert)
-Vim $2.00 WUB2 (excluding 250ml) ...632 ex.3/31/16

-Oxyclean $1.50 ...570 ex.12/31/15
-Sunlight liquid laundry $1.00 ...179 ex.9.30/15 (insert)

-Arm & Hammer spinbrush manual or battery brush or replacement head $1.00 ...624 ex.10/31/15
-Arm & Hammer toothpaste (excluding pet) .75 ...620 ex.10/31/15
-GUM any product .75 ...215 ex.12/31/16

-Dove Advanced hair series product $4.00 WUB2 ...511 ex.10/31/15
-Downunder Naturals or Fruit Kicks hair or styling products .30 ...156 NED
-Fructis any product $1.00 ...129 ex.9/30/15
-Garnier Fructis $1.00 ...252 ex.10/31/15
-Loreal Sublime Sun product $4.00 ...395 ex.10/31/15

-Almay face product $5.00 ...230 ex.12/31/15 (
-Annabelle Brow-to-Go kit $2.00 ...127 ex.12/31/15
-Flawless Fushion foudation $5.00 ...068 ex.12/31/15
-Revlon $2.00 WUB nail enamel AND Transforming Effects top coat ...905 ex.11/30/15

-Always Discreet Liner or Pad $2.00 ...160 ex.9/30/15
-Dove body wash $2.00 ...489 ex.9/30/15
-Gold Bond Ultimate product $5.00 ...692 ex.12/31/14 or 388ml, 400ml, 411ml ...953 ex.12/31/15
-Gold Bond Ultimate product 127g or 160g $3.00 ...940 ex.12/31/15
-Jergans any moisturizer 100ml+ $1.00 ...222 ex.12/31/15
-Live Clean Fresh Face products $2.50 WUB2 ...619 NED
-Live Clean Fresh Face product $1.00 ...622 NED
-Live Clean any product $1.00 ...656 NED
-Lysol No Touch antibacterial hand soap system $5.00 ...610 ex.12/31/15
-Nivea In shower Body Lotion $1.50 ...700 ex.10/31/15
-Schick Hydro Silk Trimstyle or Schick Hydro Silk cartridges $2.00 ...813 ex. 12/31/15
-Schick Hydro Silk disposable $5.00 ...341 ex.12/31/15

-Prairie Naturals Multi V-120 capsules $2.00 ex.12/31/15

-Advil any Cold product excluding Advil Cold & Sinus 10's $3.00 ...347 ex.12/31/17
-Cold FX or CerVe Moisturizers & Cleaners $3.00 ...862 ex.12/31/15
-Dristan Nasal Mist or Nasal Spray product $3.00 ...378 ex.12/31/17
-Robitussin any product $3.00 ...363 ex.12/31/17
-Robitussin any product $2.00 ...741 ex.1/31/17 (websaver)

-Advil adult product $3.00 ...047 ex.11/30/15
-Tylenol Nighttime extra strength 40's $5.00 ...314 ex.12/31/15

-Benefibre $5.00 ...003 ex.12/31/15 (
-Benefibre $5.00 ...087 ex.12/31/15 (websaver)
-Breathe Right strips $3.00 ...671 ex.10/31/15 (websaver)
-Caltrate $3.00 ...133 ex. NED
-Diflucan One $5.00 ...159 NED
-Dulcolax $1.50 ,,,377 ex.12/31/15
-hydralyte product $2.00 ...154 ex.12/31/15
-Vitalux Healthy Eyes $2.00 ...294 ex.12/31/15
-Vitalux plus Omega-3 or Vitalux-S plus Omega-3 $3.00 ...985 ex.12/31/15

-Just a Spray 220ml $3.00 ...275 ex.12/31/15

-Iams Purrfect Delights or Purrfect Delicacies wet food and get 1 FREE ...129 ex.10/25/15
-Milk Bone 401g $4.00 ...992 ex.9/30/15
-Pup-Peroni, Jerky Treats or Snausages B1G1 FREE ...631 NED

-Off any product $1.00 ...551 ex.12/31/15

-Advil Children's any product $3.00 ...350 ex.12/31/17
-Baby Mum-Mum, Toddler Mum-Mum or Mum-Mum Snax rice biscuits .50 ...364 ex.12/31/15 (websaver)
-Coryzalia and Stodal products, Boiron cough & cold solutions for children under 6 $1.00 ...084 ex.12/31/15 (websaver)
-Enfagrow A+ (vanilla or Milk flavour 680g powder) $5.00 ...876 ex.3/31/16
-Emfamil D-Vi-Sol, Enfamil Tru-Vi-Sol, or Enfamil Poly-Vi-Sol $4.00 ...863 ex.6/30/16
-Enfamil A+2 powder tub (550g) or Concentrate case (12x385ml) $8.00 ...847 ex.3/31/16
-Heinz baby pouches $1.25 WUB4 ...235 ex.10/25/15
-Heinz baby cereal or snack $1.00 ...248 ex.10/25/15
-Huggies Pull Ups $2.00 ...846 ex.12/31/15 (
-Kandoo 250 flushable wipes $1.00 ...106 ex.12/31/15
-Live Clean Baby products $1.00 ...068 NED
-Live Clean Baby products $2.50WUB2 ...071 NED
-Live Clean Baby products $2.50WUB2 ...071 NED
-Mables Labels $2.00 off code ex.12/31/15
-Nestle Gerber Arrowroot Biscuits B2G1 FREE ...498 ex.5/31/16
-Nestle Gerber fruit & Veeie or yogurt melts or cereal twists $1.00 ...502 ex.5/31/16
-Nestle Gerber pasta pick-ups or lil' entrees B2G1 FREE ...485 ex.5/31/16
-Oragel teething product $1.00 ...443 ex.12/31/15 (websaver)
Wish List:
printables - only when specified
French - no
store specific - no
Websaver,,Go Coupons -yes
can you stack - yes only at London Drugs
Canadian Tire money - sure .50 = 1 coupon

Wish List at the end of Trade List


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