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    Good morning! I have been trying to leave you feedback but when I click on the feedback tab there is nothing there!! I will try again soon! Did you receive my envy?
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    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend ! ! ! Have a good one.
  5. I am back from summer vacation! I am just organizing my coupons/updating now. I will soon reply to all messages.
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    Thanks for the rep this past week; hope you have a nice week ahead!
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! ! !
  9. Hello everyone! I am back from my little Christmas break from couponing now. I should be caught up on my messages shortly. I will also have a new trade list up soon. Hope everyone had a great holiday!
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    Found a vintage Sprite coupon today from 1978. Would you like me to send it to you?

    Also, I e-mailed you last week about a coupon trade and am still waiting to hear back.

    Merry Christmas!!!
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    Hello! Wondering if you'd be willing to trade a reckitt beckenheiser for my pink j&j fpc no max value?
  15. Thanks for the rep! Have a great family day weekend (or whatever it is called where ever you are)!!
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    Thanks for the rep! Have a great evening

  17. Just trying to get back into the swing of things. I will be caught up on feedback and trade list updated in a couple days.
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    Hi there! Did you get my PM? I'm not sure if you read the PM with my addy...
  19. Sorry everyone. I have been away dealing with a important family issue for a few days, but I am back now. I will hopefully be caught up on messages by tomorrow Thank-you
  20. I will be away from Friday Aug 15th - Sept 3rd. Thank-you
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    Received the contest win today, thank you SO much, it was a great end of the week mail day !!
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    Happy New Year
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    Did you get my PM about your auction for bundle #4? I just wanted to know if I won or not.
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    hi panthera, i got your pm on sunday...Quote:
    Originally Posted by Panthera
    Sorry I forgot to add I took out $18.50 put 27.50 in and my bp was a stamp and $5 Gillette.

    Thanks again.

    can you please post in thread? When did you mailed it? Thanks!!
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    hi. waiting for an update on my gravy train that your the next rider on..... im hoping this train is not lost,please message me that your still live in this site.
  26. Sorry everyone I have been off line for a week, back now trying to get caught up! If I still owe you feedback, let me know please!

  27. thanks for the rep
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    Thanks for trading with me. I Will let you know when your envelope of coupons arrives.
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About Panthera

Basic Information

Date of Birth
March 2
About Panthera
New Brunswick
Couponing, Shopping, Reading, Baking, Traveling.
Mother, Wife, Merchandiser.
Trade List:

Pizza Pizza Free small box of potato wedges Exp Dec 31st
Seeds of Change 240g FPC Exp March 31st 08311867
Kelloggs Gas cards x2

Cats Pride $1 (Any) 1090041 x2
Jonny Cat $1 (Any) 1090043
Alcan BBQ Buddy $1 22801513 x8
Born Free 5oz or 9oz twin pack eco classic bottles $1
Johnvince foods $1 Any 85701061 / 85700879 x4
Bahlsen Biscuits .50 (No Hit) 4250626
Sharwoods .50 on any product x2
Ryvita .30 on any 4250588
Ryvita $1 wub2 200gr/250gr 4250682
New York Style products $1 any 4250692 x2
Taipan Sauce .35 (No upc)
Wilkin & Sons $1 (Any) 4250555
Linsey Foods $1 (Any) 62304724 x2
Slim-Fast Snack Bars Buy 2 save $2 87410484 x3
Slim-Fast Meal Replacement product Buy 2 Save $5 87410482
Live Clean Fresh Face Buy 2 Save $2.50 04200619 x5
Live Clean Fresh Face $1 04200622 X5
Live Clean Spa Therapy Buy 2 Save $2.50 04200446 X5
Live Clean Spa Therapy $1 04200459 X5
Pup-Peroni, Jerky Treats or Snausages Buy one get one FREE 66905631 X15
Dole Spinach Cherry almond Bleu or Endless Summer Salad kit $1 45804221 x4
Down Under Naturals or Fruit kicks .30 04200156 x4

Enfamil A+ Gentlease, Lactose Free, Nutramigen A+, Thickened or Soy 454g -992g powder or 237ml x 18 pack or larger Exp March 31st 3022048
Enfamil A+ Gentleease Powder 629g or 942g Exp March 31st 30220951
Enfamil A+ 6x59ml bottles (nipple ready) FPC Exp March 31st 30220935
Similac Cheque $5 Exp June 30th
Similac Advance with omega 3 and 6 8x59ml $5 Exp August 31st 18223167
Similac Partially Brokendown protein $7 638g Exp August 31st 18223141
GoodStart 1 with Omega 3+6 Ready to feed nursers $10 Exp Dec31st 201610041097
Goodstart $7 Powder can probiotic 640g, Omega 3+6 730g, OR case of concentrated liquid with omega 3+6 ready to feed 4x250ml disposable bottles 712ml Exp May 31st 10040342 X2
Goodstart $7 Powder can probiotic 640g, Omega 3+6 730g, OR case of concentrated liquid with omega 3+6 ready to feed 4x250ml disposable bottles 712ml Exp May 31st 10040313
Mother Hen Baby food $2 Exp June 30th 7690082
Oxy Clean Baby stain remover $2 Exp June 30th 65334672
Goodnights Pants or bedmats $3 Jumbo pack or larger Exp June 30th 49119259 x4
Fisher Price Infant toys $10 wus $50+ Exp June 30th 7881076
Boogie Wipes 30,45, or 90 Count $1 Exp June 30th 48302119
Fisher Price $10 off any $49.99 or above Swings, Bouncers, Gliders, Rockers, or Entertainers Exp June 30th 78810163
Fisher Price $10 wus $50 on Laugh and Learn toys Exp June 30th 78810189

Saputo Products Buy 3 Participating products Save $2 Exp Febuary 29th 5071045 x3

Arm & Hammer Spin brush $1 Exp March 31st (Peelie) x2
Lysol Disinfectant Spray $1.50 Exp March 31st 06558114 x6
President Spreadable Brie or Feta 185g $1 Exp March 31st 2016 46302582
Iogo Nano Pouch 4x90g $1 Exp March 31st 29215124 x8
Cover Leaf Smoked Oysters or Mussels .40 Exp March 31st 25409244 x9
Vim Buy 2 save $2 (No 250ml cream or special packs Exp March 31st 89289632 x3
Minute Rice 2 pack cups .75 Exp March 31st 10838440 x2 (peelie)

Sunlight Laundry product .75 Exp April 30th 23902350
Misfits Treats bag 150g-170g $1 Exp April 10 08322409
Covergirl Olay simply ageless 3in1 Liquid Foundation or Foundation primer $2 Exp April 31st 0008100-202740 x4
Kelloggs Rice Krispies Multigrain shapes cereal $1 Exp April 30th 71580063 x6
Biore $2 any Exp April 31st 60001414 x8
Palmolive Liquid Dish soap 739ml Ultra Exp April 9th 80006769 x1

Royale Velour bathroom tissue 12 double roll or higher $1 Exp May 31st 68011228
Royale Tiger Towel $1 6 roll or larger Exp May 31st 68011215
Rpyale facial mulitpack 6pk + $1 Exp May 31st 680112002
Whiskas wet buy 5 get 5 perfect portions singles FREE Exp May 6th 08322526
Whiskas Dry Food 3kg-9.1kg $3 Exp May 6th 08322539
Franks Redhot $1 Exp May 31st 71902353 x2
Mapleleaf Prime Honey Garlic, Buffalo or Barbeque wings 800g $1 Exp May 31st x2
Schneiders Country Naturals Chicken strips/nuggets 750g $1 Exp May 31st 00609917 x2

Windex Triggers $1 Exp June 6th 33695958
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner aerosol or trigger $1.50 Exp June 6th 33695932
Arm & Hammer Power packs $1 Exp June 30th 65335333
Temptations Tub 454g $1 Exp June 30th 08322438
Cesar bakies $1 Exp June 30th 08322412
Glade products buy 3 save $5 (no solids or aerosols) Exp June 6th
Glade Wax Melt warmers $6 Exp June 6th 33696007
Glade Plugins scented oils or automatic spray refills bogo FREE Exp June 6th 33695961
Glade Large candles $3 Exp June 6th 33695987
Ready Crisp Bacon FREE wub 3 Maple Leaf, Schneiders, Prime, Hygrade, Larsen or Sunrise products Exp June 30th x3
Schneiders Pepperettes 375g $2.50 Exp June 30th x2
Maple Leaf 1/2 ham 800g $2.50 Exp June 30th
Schneiders Old Fashion half ham 800g Exp June 30th
Maple Leaf Natural selections deli meats 375g $2.50 Exp June 30th x2
Olay Fresh outlast bodywash (No trial/travel) $1 Exp June 30th
Olay Ultra Moisturizing bodywash (no trial/travel) $1 Exp June 30th
Riceworks 155g or larger $1 Exp June 10th 84000545
Dove Men + Care Face product $3 Exp June 30th 89289820
Dove Men + Care Deorant or Anti Perspirant $2 Exp June 30th 89289817
Playtex Sport pads, Liners or Combo packs $2 Exp June 30th 29010455
Ziploc Brand containers $2 wub2 Exp June 30th 3369091 x3
Hormel Real Bacon Bits or Peices $1 Exp June 30th 85019575

Iams dry food for cats 1.3kg-10.7kg $3 Exp July 31st 08322294
Iams Purrfect Delights or Delicacies wet food for cats b2g2 FREE (85G-156G) eXP jULY 31ST 08322308
Iams Dry Food for dogs 4.2kg-18.14kg $3 Exp July 31st 08322311
Iams wet food for dogs 349g-375g b2g2 FREE Exp July 31st 08322324
Seeds of Change BOGO Free 240g Exp Aug 1st 08322366
Ziploc Space Bag $2 Exp July 31st 33694795
Uncle Bens $2 Converted or Wholegrain Brown rice 900-2kg Exp July st 08321767

Oxi Clean powder $1.50 Exp Aug31st 65335337
Clubhouse Pure Vanilla, Ground Cinnamon, Cakemate white cookie icing, or billy bee honey $1 Exp August 31st 20905923 x2
Folgers Gourmet Selections 12,18,or 30 Kcups or 750-920g ground coffee $1 Exp August 31st 30404423 x2

Aero buy 2 Nestle Aero 41g-168g save $1 Exp Dec 31st 10041042 x3
Bassilis Best BOGO FREE 907G Exp Dec 31st 118-134
Dr.Oetker .50 any Shirriff product Exp Dec 31st 88625834 x6
Dr.Oetker .50 Mousse, Pie Filling, Pie Crust, Pudding Supreme or Mug Cake, Creme Brulee and Crem Caramel Exp Dec 31st 88624772 x10
Cetaphil Gental Skin Cleanser $5 500ml Exp Dec 31st 38305489
Cetaphil Moistruizing Lotion 500ml or cream 453g $5 Exp Dec 31st 38305506
Centrum product (any) $3 Exp Dec 31st 12925432
Emergen C $3 Exp Dec 31st 12925474 x6
Wish List:

I prefer a minimum trade of $10 to make it worth postage.
I accept french coupons!

WELL.CA Codes or Gift Cards (Please.... I love this site)

Advil Good on any NED
Advil, Childrens
Arctic Gardens, $1 off any Arctic Gardens product Dec 31, 2017
Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (NOT Laundry soap)

Black Diamond Cheese Bars
Black River Angus
Bolthouse Farms Juice
Bolthouse Farms Carrots
Bush's Baked Beans

Cadbury .50 wub2 creme egg 34g, fudgee-o egg 34g, Caramilk egg 34g, oreo egg 34g, mini eggs 33g Exp March 27
Catelli,FPC Catelli Pasta Product, Dec 31, 2016
Celestial Seasonings
Cineplex (Admission, Popcorn, Scene points)
Colgate Total, $1.50 Colgate Total 60ml or larger
Colgate-Palmolive, $ any Colgate-Palmolive
Cooking Wine (Good on white or rice wine)

Danone yogurt
Dare Bear Paws (Only need 2)
Dare Breton Popped (Only need 2)
Dare NED
Dole or Delmonte pineapple or other canned fruit
Dove Men+Care personal wash product $2 (excluding 1x90g bar), June 30, 2016 (Only need 2)
Dove Men+Care hair product $2, June 30, 2016 (Only need 2)

Earthbound Farms, $1 any Earthbound Farm Product, Feb 1, 2016
Energizer, $5 Energizer Recharge 4AA or 4AAA batteries Sep 30, 2016 (I only need 1)
Europe's Best, $0.50 on (1) bag of Europe's Best Frozen Fruit, NED
Farkay Noodles NED
Flamingo, $5 Flamingo Frozen Product, 500-760g Oct 31 2016
Flamingo, $3 Flamingo Frozen Product, 500-760g Oct 31 2016
Gay Lea, $1.00 off any Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream, June 30, 2016 (Only need 2)
General Mills good on any cereal
G.U.M., $0.75 any G.U.M. product, Dec 31,2016

Heinz good on any
Huntz Manwich NED

Janes Chicken (Good on any or Chicken burgers)
Johnson & Johnson, $2 any (1) Johnson's product Tylenol Benylin Splenda etc, , June 30, 2016
Johnson & Johnson Band-Aids
Johnsonville, $1 any Johnsonville Sausage, Dec 31,2017

Kashi NED
Kelloggs good on any cereal or Eggos
Kikkoman, $ any Kikkoman product (Good on ANY! NOT just sauce!)
Liberte yogurt
Marc Angelo FPC
Maple Leaf Bacon, 375g, any 2.50 June 30th
McDonalds Coffee cards

Nakano, $0.40 any Nakano Rice Vinegar products, 84408222, NED
Nakano, $0.55 any Nakano products
No Yolks Egg Noodles
PepsiCo, Save $1 on your purchase of ONE (1) 12 or 15 x 355ml can pack of a participating PepsiCo product, September 30 2016
Primo products (Diced tomatoes, Tomato sauce, Pasta Sauce) LOTS PLEASE!

Reckitt Benckiser, FPC (1) participating product displayed, Feb 29,2016
Salvation Army $10 wus $25
Schneiders, $1 any one Schneiders Grill'ems or Pepperettes (500g) or Hot Dogs (450g), March 31, 2016 (I only need 2)
Snack Pack 396g, Del Monte 428ml, and Chef Boyardee 425g, $1 wub2 April 30, 2016
Tetley Tea
Tim Hortons Free Coffees
Value Village discounts Codes or Gift Cards (Please!!!)
Wholly, FPC Wholly Guacamole or Wholly Salsa (I value @ $3)

Buffet coupons for Casino New Brunswick
Coupons for other natural health/beauty/cleaning products (Ask first)

*Unicorn Wishes*
A.Lassonde, $5 any Oasis, Rougemont, Ever Fresh, Orange Maison, Fruite, Graves, Allens or Fairlee products, NED
Arla, $5 towards any TreStelle, Castello, Apetina or Dofino Cheese, 55404264, NED
Bonduelle Canada, FPC on any Arctic Gardens, Bonduelle, Avon, Graves, Stokely, Carriere or Festino product (max value $5), 49700028, NED
Burnbrae Farms, FPC Burnbrae Prestige Eggs 12 or 18ct, 42405652, NED
Burnbrae Farms, FPC Burnbrae Free Run Omega 3 Eggs, 42405131, NED
Burts Bees
Cavendish, FPC Cavendish Frozen Potato product,NED
Club House, $1 any Club House Herb or Spice excludes La Grille/One Step Seasoning NED
Dare NED
Maple Leaf, $5 off Maple Leaf products, December 31, 2016
Maple Leaf, $10 off Maple Leaf products, December 31, 2016
Rubbermiad,$ any Rubbermaid product, NED
Unico, $1 any Gallo, Safflo, Unico, Liberty, or Premium Collection product, 79103624, NED


Get a full pair of glasses for as little as $29! The only place I buy my glasses. Super easy returns too -

I love making my own beauty products and saving money. Go to and enter promo code panthera and save $10 on your first order.


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