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    hi! ty for the " freezer " rep. Just think about it for a minute...most techie things like gadgets, cell phones and computer stuff cost way more than $128.00. I deserved a new freezer after 35 years. ha ha
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    BINGO!! Everyone I have ever shared this recipe with goes nuts for them, especially when they are still warm! In my last 2 years of High School my course was a prerequisite to becoming a Dietician or a Dietary Supervisor....neither worked out BUT I never lost my interest or curiousity in how food affects our health. In those 2 years we created some yummy recipes that I still use to this day. funny eh?
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    I'm so glad to hear Advil Sinus and cold helped I was "prescribed it" by a Doc many years ago. I was so happy when it became an OTC drug. Have an awesome day!
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    Thanks for the rep Hope things "clear up for you"
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    A driveway visit is better than nothing. How hard was it for your DIL to keep the kids from running down the driveway to hug you? Our eldest is still holed up in his apt all I have such guilt over him being there and the rest of us all being together here. When will this all pass I wonder?
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    sniff, sniff, just read your post about how tough this stay at home order is on everyone.
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    we did our very first tablet chat with our DS last night!! ( the single one who lives downtown ) . It took a while for him to walk DH through the steps on his tablet but eventually it worked! We laughed at every ones wild hair! Then him and his brother chatted for over 45 min about " gaming!! " ugh, I dislike that world so much but it's their world of entertainment. Our DD popped into the screen view very fast and said " hello ", then disappeared back into her room....ha ha
    We'll be doing another group chat later on tonight. I cannot operate the tablet, must wait for DH to wake back up, he had gotten up too early today and decided to grab a couple more zzz's.
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    well at least you had an adventure via telephone, ha ha . my day has been THE most boring so far of all of this covid stay at home thing. My guys
    " volunteered " to take today off work. The Company was asking since there was less work to do.
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    this has to be the toughest on grandparents. My sis-in-law lives with her DD and SIL, 3 g-kids. Her immune system is compromised more than most of us seniors and both the parents work in a medical field! Yikes. How is she supposed to avoid anyone?
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    oh I hear ya. My Crohn's is always an issue but there are days I can work around the symptoms. I've been in my jammies all day!
    Didn't have to drive anyone anywhere, vehicle has fuel, cupboards are full! I love those days.
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    I have a real weakness for Baklava! I get such a giggle out of how the g'kids wear you out, but that is a wonderful tiredness to have isn't it? So blessed, and the joy of Christmas with young kids is as precious as it gets. Their squeaky voices that you miss later on as they grow up and change.
    All the very best to your family in 2020 !! Now for me it will be back in Dr. Poon jail....I have seriously misbehaved! ha ha
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    oh it was THE BEST meal ever! ( I say that every ) but the first course was served at 1:30 and dessert was after 10 p.m. I haven't laughed so much at playing that Heads Up game in between the courses when we were on a break. Hope you had a wonderful say as well!
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    no argument there! Sobey's DOES have dependable fresh produce. I am always laughing at their prices too...would never pay them, I go in JUST for certain deals along with my Bonus Air Mile offers. Have fun! It's Caturday!!
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    drat! Just read about your windshield. I know how much that scares the beejessus out of me when I'm behind the wheel. A stone ( probably off a darn gravel truck ) hit mine along the 401 and if you could have heard my scream from inside the van! Good thing I was alone.
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    ya know what? I had NO intention of doing 10 boxes of those stupid Janes chicken things, but then DH goes and blurts it out that he hears about the deal on the radio ( in front of DD and DS! ) so I would have looked like the Grinch if i had not bought any. ha ha Oh well at least I earned some nice Bonus Air Miles!
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    ty for my Value Village rep. I just felt like getting some " new " pj's without paying the higher prices in regular stores. Cannot believe the no stains condition of the stuff I found at VV. I was impressed!
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    So glad you can now have the option to sleepover and what a difference. If it sees you avoiding the nut bars in night time traffic then hallelujah!. My guys deal with that coming home every night from 3 in the a.m. ALL the crazy drivers are on the hwy.
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    oh , but don't those " stagers " know exactly how to de-clutter a place and make a place look huger than it is? That was the case with my sis place....they sold in 2016 I think?? a 3 story brick dilapidated old house, but right in the downtown ( West end more ) core! They had done no upgrades or improvements in all the 25+ yrs they were there, but then had all new windows, and insulation put in, replaced the oil tank with a modern gas furnace, splashed paint in all the rooms, I think even re-tiled the kitchen floor? Then it sold fast...I think close to $700,000.00!
    All really due to location but also those much needed upgrades. Bets of luck to them both!! And an early Happy Daddy's day to your clan!!
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    woo hoo!! Congrats to the new homeowners. Wow that must have been a stressful time searching, bidding etc. Glad they got something. Oh yeah, you won't believe my " high " today! I did my workout, then went to my weigh-in and was told I dropped 5 lbs and ALL of it was fat! I could hardly believe it. I still do the I.F. because it works very well combined with the restricted carbs, sugar and salt elimination. I am like just 21 lbs away from my goal weight. Then I attended the Dr. Poon Nutritional Seminar and it was pure entertainment along with clearer understanding of the diet ( well lifestyle change is what we have to call it. )
    This weather we are having is NOT summer! too darn chilly out there.
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    You are most welcome,I will continue to pray for him and the rest of the family.Sorry for the delay in replying but I don't receive the notifications nor do I come on here as often as I ought.
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    So very glad to read that your brother is progressing! I continue to keep him, and you, in my prayers.

    It is wonderful to be home, but it's also difficult in many ways. I am taking it slowly, figuring things out.
    Hope you have a nice weekend!
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    ha ha Sebastian knows what is what!! isn't that THE best part of grandkids? I love it. Don't laugh but I bought our 3 " kids " ( 31, 26 and 24 ) ALL 2 small chocolate Easter treats! I am hopeless.....ha ha
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    ha ha !! You were the equivalent of what a puppy is these days ! so cute!
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    oh wow.....that was such a selfless thing for you bro to do ( take care of you ). Not too many guys would have had the confidence to care for a baby.
    Sort of reminds me of how relatives had told us that if it wasn't for my Dad sending money home to their Mom ( his sister ) during the war that they would never have gotten by. When he was alive he never ever told us he did that. Modest heroes eh? Hope your brother does fight and recovers.
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    we had a mutual friend of our best man who was adamant that her kids never wear clothing with brand names on them or other words promoting God knows what? Her food choices for the family back then were interesting too, but in hindsight she was a health nut with a great heart and good intentions and will probably outlive all of us. ha ha
    I am very anxious for Spring! Just tired of this cold weather my guys have to work in.
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    awww, thanks so much! I have missed many of my sc messages, maybe I AM getting a touch of the forget-sees?? Supposed to get freezing rain tomorrow, GREAT!!
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    Thanks so much! My son came yesterday with snacks and a cake - he was smart to come then because the weather is nasty today. My husband will come this afternoon.
    Hope you have a great day, too!
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    These days I am so grateful to have some energy back! I wake up excited to see what I can get done that day. What a switch from where I was
    just 2 1/2 months ago! ( so lethargic, arthritis and other conditions worsening ) I just wish the cold and flu season would skip your home this winter, that would allow you more enjoyment while visiting and caring for the wee tots. ((hugs!))
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    good luck avoiding the next cold from the grandkids.... kids can pass everything around so fast! Is that sharing? ha ha
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    The Dr. Poon thing I am on is covered by OHIP. All you need is for your Dr. to refer you to their Clinic. You need to have ONE other medical reason in conjunction with being overweight or obese though. Things such as high BP, Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, etc. Most people fit that category especially these days where it seems everyone we know is on meds for something.
    I don't know if there is one of his Clinics out where you live but you could search online to se.
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