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    Thank you for all your likefulness on my behalf!
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    You have got to be the best cheerleader I've got!! Honestly, I have tried a few other very sound weight loss methods in the past but nothing works like eliminating carbs, sugar and salt! Even inflammation of my joints has disappeared! My knees are almost like new! I keep telling anyone who asks me about the Poon
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    what fantastic news about your DS and his g/f . New homeowners!! Exciting times. Sounded like you had a lovely visit with them too over Easter, after such a long drive that makes it worthwhile. We just had the 3 kids and my sis here for a dinner on the Sunday. It was a usual spread with a turkey and a pork roast and the fixins. Everyone left the table happy. I have no idea when Spring is actually supposed to arrive but it sure ain't here yet. DH had considered getting the backyard gazebo and chairs set up for the Easter weekend but then the rains came so he hasn't bothered, even this weekend was too cold and windy to try. All is still well in Dr. Poon land ( thank goodness ) my total now is 63 lbs. gone. Whew eh? I cannot even believe it myself!
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    Hi, Screech! That's a big step, buying a house, I hope it all goes through for them and good luck to them, too! But ugh the packing and moving bit...not fun at all but at least they waited until spring and not mid-winter! All's well here, we're all antsy to get back to camping, esp the kids with their new park-model trailer; I can't wait to see it!! Perhaps Mother's Day we'll all go there if the weather cooperates. My DH and SIL are heading up on the weekend to clean up and organize things which is something our DD and I enjoy very much!! The NOT doing it, that is!
    I hope you can get a little relaxing in this weekend, but I also feel you're up on a ladder painting your ceiling!! Be careful, take care...what colour will your living-room be??
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    Hey, Missy!! Just where are you hiding these days?
    This popped up on my Pinterest page and I thought of you, although I guess the water's still too cold to dibble your feet into, huh?
    ...and stop hiding, we miss you!
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    oh I love how fresh the rooms feel with a new coat of paint! Hope all goes according to plan and ya don't get paint in your hair. I always end up with some in my hair! ha ha
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    awww, ty for your post about my DH's Aunt's passing. Service is Sat. A very tough one to attend.
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    thanks again for for sending me those diet many people I've bumped into want to know how they can get into the programme too! ha ha
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    Good morning, Screech! Thank you for your rep and thinking of me. There have been good and bad days here wrt my fibro and lately it's been kicking the crap out of me, so I'm laying low for now. I loved your Newfie slang, and realized I've used so many of them in the past...guess they've snuck their way into everyone's lingo. They're the cutest!! I hope the days are treating you well and the weather is moderating a little. We still have huge snowbanks that'll likely be here until mid-July!
    Take good care, Screech, and thanks again.
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    you love a chuckle? Me too! Whenever I read all of your posts I hear them in a Newfie accent in my head, so I get double the laughs. I loves me some Newfies, doze kinds are da salt of de earth!! ha ha Oh and that list you posted about Newfie slang .....that was the best!! I am still hanging out with Dr. Poon. Turns out I was doing a couple of things wrong and just had no idea!! It was with onions and red bell peppers. Both are a no no on Phase one, but I have eaten them all along, usually saute up a whack with meat or add 'em to soups and stews.
    Apparently that means SUGAR!! I cook them down too much and then they become a sugary threat! I am stopping that as of now.
  11. Good evening dededi..that’s awesome.glad to hear you got away from the cold weather and snow ...Jamaica ���� is such a beautiful place ..i went to Jamaica 2 years ago ..i love it there ..i’m Hoping to go some where either march or early April month ..i need to get away so bad now ..thoses last few months seem like it’s been 5 months ... so darn busy with Christmas and then year end i’m Ready for some warm weather and a relaxing vacation on a hot beach .glad the weather was great and you got time to relax ..have yourself wonderful evening and please take good care yourself sweetie
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    Glad to hear your year end is done and now U can relax a bit. We just got back from Jamaica on Saturday, great weather and totally relaxing. Hope U get a good nights sleep, have a good evening! Di
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    thank you!! What an awesome cheerleader you are! ( I love how incredibly supportive you are cuz you know how tough the
    " Poon's life " can be. I was at the dentist today and the gals there are SOOO great for my ego, they fawned all over me again when I walked in. That is wonderful that you have nearly lost all of the 20 lbs you set out to conquer!! At present I am finished dragging around 48 lbs BUT by July my goal is to lose another 40 - 45.
    That is a tall order for sure but it is what I am SUPPOSED to weigh....if all goes well that would be nearly 100 lbs in total lost.
    My DH is sure I can do it. Look out Mister! because once you retire in 2020 I am coming after you!! I want him to get on the Poon low carb eating too. It would be great for my grocery budget NOT to be buying many things.
    Stay as warm as possible Newfiescreech!!
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    oh Lordy! I read a post you had made describing the pressure you were under with your work for end of the year bookeeping stuff? That is NOT my strong suit...numbers!! ha ha I must thank you again for the encouragement about the Dr. Poon plan. It was you who reassured me that his diet works! The 20th is fast approaching, but even if I don't lose another ounce, I have STILL achieved my target of losing 5 lbs over 2 weeks. I am heartbroken for others whose losses have stalled and they are being so good with the foods, but sometimes that scale doesn't reward our efforts.
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    Christmas dinner and all the calories are now just a memory!! The prep and meal went very good, couldn't have asked for a nicer day, we all ate and drank and were VERY MERRY!! ha ha All the very best to you and your family!!
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    Merry Christmas to you and your family
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    Wishing you, your family and friends a wonderful Christmas, Screech!

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    merry christmas, newfiescreech!
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    Thank too ! Merry Christmas !
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    Hope life is treating you well,tanks for all the likes
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    I hear ya! December is a horrible month to be on any diet. We have negotiated among ourselves here and I agreed to do just ONE outside restaurant meal with the family ( 5 of us ) ALL our b'days are winter and we normally celebrate each of them at a buffet or some other awful place. This time I'll do it ONCE and the nice part is they bring the platters you order to the table! Ya don't even have to go up and pick the food from the steam tables. lol How is that for lazy? I love this place called Spring Rolls...I'll have to stick to the veggie dishes, salads and lean meats, and fish. AND no dessert! ha ha
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    You are way busier than I am NewfieScreech, we have not got any decorations up yet, I have bought a few items for just my 3 kids and DH, we don't do gift exchanges anymore within the relatives...too darn many of them and they all have a million kids! ha ha.
    I am planning the meal for Christmas day though...should be great! I am still on Dr. Poon though, being good, so far 25.5 lbs gone!
    I plan on making all the regular stuff for Xmas meal ( turkey, prime rib, sides, lots of spuds and squashes ) but then just have my special foods on the table too so I have something to reach for and not get too tempted.
    Make sure you take time to rest!!
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    well let me say ahead of time WELCOME!!! ( to Ontario ) . Shop till ya drop huh? Sounds like a wonderful plan. I am heading out in a few minutes, another Air Miles deal I must have.....ha ha
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    you are visiting Ontario??? Or did you mean you had visited here in the past? We are a tempting Province when it comes to offering all kinds of tasty bad foods! ha ha I made a big Shepherd's Pie today ( just for my diet ) The creamy mashed cauliflower on top looks and tastes every bit as delicious as the mashed white potatoes do in a normal recipe. Have a nice evening!!
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    oh!! thank you for posting that you had done Dr.Poons diet years ago with success. I am feeling really unsure about how darn restrictive it is you know? Seems like all I can eat in Phase 1 is lean meats and veggies?? No fruit or juices, starches, carbs, salt, sugar, fats....Somedays I ask " so what's left??" ha ha
    Apparently I heard from another gal that if you do not follow their advice and don't lose as much as you should be they can kick you out of the programme? That seems sort of cruel but since OHIP covers this they want to only help people who are dead serious about their weight loss.
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    tee hee....I told my hairdresser this morning about how I deal with the self checkouts and she really laughed hard!
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    Thanks for the abundant rep.,have a great week!
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