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    good golly! Here I thought we had always been friends on sc....sorry 'bout that. i just accepted the request!
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    Thats Chance, a blue point Himalayan. He passed away in 2013 at the age of 18.
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    Hi, I did respond to your message the same day and this was the message sent minus my address and I received no reply. Copied and pasted from my sent file.

    Hi, I don`t have your message anymore so you will have to let me know what I am sending you and what you are sending me. My address is:
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    Sure I will keep an eye on it in future. I am trying to borrow some money from my bro but I guess I need to control my budget. Whatever I earn is taken away from gov't

    If I am successful, I am thinking of buying Mac lipstick, face/body foundation, estee lauder double wear trial size concealer/eye cream.
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    Happy Valentine's Day!

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    I am from Saskatoon!
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    Hi I am wondering if u have any huggies coupons for trade ? I have $1 pepperettes
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    Oh yes Tierra -I believe I had sent you a reply. can you plese send a PM regarding trades because this seems to send a terrible impression on a isitor page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks.
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    Thank you, Tierra for the RAOK!!
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    FYI when you report something, I am the mod who gets it
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    Why should other traders be out because you have mail issues? As I have said, it is not a matter of taking sides, you are in the wrong in this case. You cannot leave a member a neg because she wants you to follow through on a trade after you mailed with insufficient postage then the wrong coupons. I am pretty sure that if someone sent you a pile of coupons that were already expired you would want me to fix it for you
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    Thank you
    I posted a picture of him on my profile page. He was 5 weeks early and weighed 5lb 10 oz .
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    i think u were short by $3.75 in ur replacement envie, thats why i gave u an option as per what i could find appropriate for me from ur TL....
    I'll be more than happy to receive 3 kraft coupon instead 3.75 missing coupons.
    with this finally this trade will be completed.
  15. Deleted Post
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    3 of .75 cents off any Green Works Spray cleaner, 946 ml June 30-15 --- listed on ur TL
    2 of .75 lactantia butter coupons - dec 31


    4 of $1 off Kraft 100 % Parmesan Shredded Cheese Mar 30-15

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    Oh ok...Thanks for informing....
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    I just sent you a private message. Please check your inbox.
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    Shall I continue to hold these coupons for you?
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    Did you get my last PM? I sent it one week ago about the trade we were negotiating. Please let me know.
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    hey there, sorry i didnt respond, but i never noticed the comment lol. about 1.5 years ago i had 1.00 of rockstar energy drink coupons and just a month or so ago i had buy 2 get 1 coupons for miss vickies chips. so they HAVE existed, but they may not be in circulation right now
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    Sorry, I didnt reply earlier. Havent logged on in awhile. I used up all my OASIS coupons
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    I emailed them as well a long time ago asking for coupons and I go the same answer.
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    On my profile click feedback score then click submut feedback for anna michele and use the drop down menus to choose trade, positive, write a short comment like thanks for the trade and you may also leave additional comments only visible to myself and the mods (like really liked the ....)
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    I left you a pm last night. are you around??
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About Tierra Lemieux

Basic Information

About Tierra Lemieux
I moved to Regina in 2007 to start attending university. I convocated with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 2012. I live in an apartment . My 2 cats, Ziggy and Toby are in the care of my parents.
Regina, Saskatchewan
coin collection, watching TV, reading & in-line skaing
Sales Associate
Trade List:
I have 1 of each coupon unless otherwise stated.
RRLF: Campbell's Chunky Soup

5 of $1 off Kraft Salad Dressings 475 ml July 31, 2020

3 of $1 off Traditional Medicinal Tea Jan 31, 2021
2 of $3 off any Tim Hortons K-Cup Coffee or tea 12ct.July 31, 2020
5 of $2 off Starbucks packaged coffees 255 g - 793 g March 31, 2021
$1.50 off any 284 g bag of Marley coffee or 12 count or 24 count box of Marley coffee Sept 30,2020

Pet Supplies
$1 off Milk Bone Brushing Chews Daily Dental Dog Treats July 31,2020

5 of $1 off any Kellogg's Mini Wheats Cereal 400- 700g Dec 31-2020

5 of $1off any Maple Leaf Natural Selections 175 g Aug 31, 2020

Dairy Products
5 of $1 off a round box of the Laughing Cow Lactose Free July 30, 2020
3 of $1 off any Becel Plant Based Brick product 454 g Dec 31, 2020
5 of $1 off any Castello Cheese
4 of .75 cents off any Armstrong Shredded Cheese Aug 15, 2020
.50 cents off Iogo Fruit on the Bottom Aug 30,2020
5 of Buy 3 Oikos Get 1 Free 4x 100 g Dec 31,2020
3 of $1 off any Liberte yogurt in 500 g,650 g or 750 g format July 31, 2020

Household Products
5 of $2 off any 1 Downey Wrinkle Guard protect product
3 of $2 off any 1 Finish Utimate Oct , 2020
1 of $3 off any 1 Ivory Snow Product Sept 30, 2020
1 of $ 2 off any 1 Downey Liquid Fabric Enhancer 120 loads or larger or Bounce sheets 200 count or larger

1 of $ 3 off any 1 Downey Infusions 72 loads or higher products Sept 30, 2020
1 of $4 off any 3 Downey Unstoppables or Downey Gain Scent Beads product Sept 30, 2020
1 of $1 off any Mr. Clean Products WUB 2 Sept 30, 2020
1 of $3 off any 1 Febreeze Small Places product Sept 30, 2020
1 of $1 off any 2 Mr. Clean Freak Starter Kits Sept 30, 2020

5 of . 50 cents off any 1 Herbal Essences shampoo or conditioner product Dec 31,2020
5 of $3 off any Opti Free solution 120 ml or larger Dec 31, 2020
2 of $4 off any 2 Off Insect Repellant WUB 2 Oct 31, 2021
5 of $ 1 off any 1 Resolve product
5 of $1 off Kraft Hazel Nut Spread Dec 31, 202
5 of $1 a 1KG jar of of Kraft Peanut Butter Extra Roasted Dec 31, 2020
Wish List:
Wish List
- other coupons mostly
- unused P postage stamps
- Canadian Tire Money
- Shoppers Optimum Points( if you know how to transfer them)

- Reser's Deli Salads
- Reser's Sensational Side Dish products
- .65 cents off any Reser's Brand product 71117405 NED
- .65 cents off Reser's Brand Product 71174309 NED
-.40 cents off Farkay Noodles NED

Fruits and Vegetables
- McCain Superfries
- breakfast potatoes : McCain or Cavendish Farms
- Alymer Accents canned tomatos

Frozen Foods
-Eggo Waffles
- Healthy Choices Simply Entrees
- Lean Cuisine
- McCain Thin Crust pizza
- Dr. Oetker Pizza Ristorante or Traditional Pizza
- Pillsbury Pizza Pops
- Blue Water fish, NO Highliner !!!
- Bassilli's Best 907 g
- Pinty's Chicken Breasts or Wings
- Wong Wing frozen entrees
- Janes Pub Style Chicken

- Starbucks Refreshers Energy Drinks
- C Plus 12 x 355 g
- Jones Soda
- Sun Ripe

Dairy Products
- Bothwell Cheese products
- yogurt- Yoplait, Iogo,Danone packs of 12 or 16 only
- Milk to Go
- any sour cream
- Boursin Cheese

Pet Supplies
- dry cat food, epecially Iams, Whiskas, or Purina Pro Plan, NO Meow Mix
- wet cat food, epecially Whiskas, Iams, Friskies or Meow Mix
- cat litter, especially Cat's Pride, or Maxx Scoopable, or Jonny Cat, NOT Saular Plus

Cleaning Products
-Green Works
-Scrubbing Bubbles

Paper towels
- Sponge Towels (peelies)
- White Swan

Snacks and Desserts
- Dole Parfaits & or Gels
- Del Monte Chilled Fruit Cups or Jars
- Tostitos or Doritos
- gum: Ice Breakers, Dentyne, Juicy Fruit, Trident
- Schnieder's Lunch Mate kits
- Clover Leaf Tuna Salad Kits
- Kraft Handi Snacks
- LeClerc cookies
- McVittie's NED
- McCain . 50 cents off Deep and Delicious product 04611699 NED

- Allan's Apple Juice
- Rougemont Apple Juice
- Hawaiian Punch
- Sun Rype Juice

- Blue Water Fish
- Maple Leaf Bacon
- Fletchers Sausages or Smokies RRLF
- Schneider's Chicken
- Marc Angelo Meats NED
- Flamingo Meats
- Johnsonville Sausage
- bacon

- Summer Fresh Hummus
- Sabra Hummus
- Kraft Cheese Whiz
- Kraft Chip Dip
- Jif Peanut Butter
- Smucker's Jam
- Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese

Grain and Pasta Products
- Country Harvest Bread
- Dempster's bread
- Dempster's Bagels
- Villagio buns
- Summer Fresh Bruschetta
- Bagelli Bagels

- Cover Girl
- Almay
- Revlon
- Degree ladies deodorant
- Secret ladies deodorant
- Dove shampoo or conditioner for ladies
- $1 off Dial Hand Soap (peelie)
-$1 off any Nair product
- Bailey's Coffee Creamer or International Delight
- Gain Flings
- Arm and Hammer detergent
- Kikoman Soya Sauce


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