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    I am looking for passengers for my Christmas Train. Would you like to ride ?
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    Thanks for the rep and message.......I am still a mess
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    mailed your trade at 4.00 p.m today -thanks again -have a great week
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    ha ha ! The worst is I ordered these for 2 family members as well! They will probably say " why did ya bother? " when they get theirs.
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    Thanks for the rep !!!
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    Hi Call
    Please read my post on chesterjes February Traditional Train thread wrt my offer
    Take care
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    Thanks for the rep Cally! Have a great weekend!!!
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    Do you still have the following coupons iams wet dog food b2g1
    Tidy cat litter
    Whiskas wub5g5
    Whiskas $3 dry cat food?
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    Happy Thanksgiving weekend !! Have a good one.
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    Start your St. Patricks Day off right lol
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! ! !
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    Good news: I have your similac 10.00 chq to send to you, just need to go buy more stamps and envies this week. Sorry about the wait.
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    Thank you for the AWESOME Trade !!
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    It was a brandsaver insert (I think..) It's definately availvble on the online brandsaver, and I'm 99.9% sure it was in the flyer insert too. Hmm.. I am in the works of making out a trade for 10 or so, that should be all I need anyways, since they expire super soon! Thanks anyways!
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    Good morning beautiful lady! Just wondering if you have any $2 secret outlasts (wub1) for quick trade? <3
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    You're awesome! <3
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    Thanks! I could have sworn they said the one left to get then!
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    Bahahahah that Old Dutch post killed me!
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About cally

Basic Information

About cally
Southern Ontario
Trade List:
​Hi Folks! I am looking for a lot of different coupons. If you think there is something that may be of interest to me, please let me know, as I don't know all the coupons that are out there right now.

I prefer to make trades for atleast $12 to make it worth the postage. I also have access to printable coupons, so please feel free to ask. Also I do accept printed colour coupons, but I please ask that you tell me in your pm prior. Also with any coupon requests please include the name, quantity you would like and the UPC code. (It helps me help you faster!) If your envie is heavier than 30g you may be asked to include (1) additional p stamp in your trade to cover the cost of postage.

Newbie Schmoobie VWT #001 -

Would like to trade GC's for other GC's or a combinations of FPC's.

High Value/FPC's/GiftCards/Rare

I am willing to trade FPC's/Cheques/HV for a combination of RLF wishlist coupons.

(2)20.00 GiftCard to Coffee Time
(1)16.90 GiftCard to Coffee Time
(1)15.00 GiftCard to Coffee Time
(1)10.00 GiftCard to Coffee Time
(1)FPC Windex trigger 765ml or smaller WUB (2)6 roll or (1)12 roll Royale Tiger Towel 09/30/16UPC 68011345
(1)FPC Enfamil Standard-Flow Soft Nipple (3pk) 09/25/16UPC 30221462
(1)8.00 Enfamil A+ 09/25/16UPC 30221505

(2)2.00 Alpen/Grainshop ANY SIZE or Weetabix 400g 09/30/16UPC 84304360
(2)2.00 Grainshop cereal any size 10/31/16UPC 84304432

(1)0.50 Bahlsen biscuits (excl HIT) NED UPC 4250626
(9)2.00 Breyers product (excludes Classic blue pack) wub Eggos (244-330g) 11/30/16UPC 87411223
(1)1.00 Larabar any product 10/01/16UPC 78902305
(1)0.75 Luigi's Real Italian Ice 08/25/16UPC 73321472
(5)2.00 Magnum/Fruittare/Klondike multi-packs wub any participating dry spray antiperspirant 12/31/16UPC 89290004
(9)1.00 Orville Redenbacher's popcorn chips 155g 12/31/16UPC 44410487 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(4)B2G1 Pepperidge Farms buy any 2 pkgs of Goldfish (156g-1.36kg) and get 1 FREE Goldfish Grahams 10/19/16UPC 00926821
(14)1.00 Riceworks 155g or larger 12/31/16UPC 84000574
(1)1.00 Sara Lee Oatmeal&Chocolate Chunks Homestyle Bars, Oatmeal & Dates Homestyle Bars, Oatmeal Soft Cookies, Oatmeal & Raisins Soft Cookies, Chocolate Chunks Soft Cookies, Double Chocolate Mini Brownies, Chocolate & Peanut Butter Mini Brownies, Cookie Crumbs Mini Brownies 09/30/16UPC 18418428
(1)BOGO Smuckers buy any 2 and get FREE (1)Goldfish Grahams (max. value $3) 08/31/16UPC 51528384

Dairy & Soy
(5)1.00 Astro Athentikos greek yogurt 500g/4x100g 09/30/16UPC 11912268
(9)1.00 Astro Athentikos greek yogurt 500g/4x100g 12/31/16UPC 11912356
(20)1.00 Astro Athentikos greek yogurt 500g/4x100g 12/31/16UPC 11912428
(1)1.50 Becel Pro-Activ 1lb/227g wub Aspirin 81mg 12/30/16UPC 87411217
(2)2.50 Becel 680g or larger 10/14/16UPC 87411237 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(3)0.50 Burnbrae Farms EGGS2GO! hard boiled snack pack 12/31/16UPC 42410300
(1)1.00 Dairy Isle cheese variety 09/15/16UPC 2390335 (valid only NB,NS,PEI,NL)
(1)3.00 Danone Creamy 2 packs any format 09/10/16UPC 29417054 - Printed in colour/Unique PIN
(1)1.25 Danone Oikos 1 pack Zesty Mandarin-Orange 4x100g 09/10/16UPC 29416992 - Printed in colour/Unique PIN
(1)3.00 Danone 0% wub2 packs 09/10/16UPC 29417038 - Printed in colour/Unique PIN
(1)1.25 Danone 0% wub1 pack 09/10/16UPC 29417025 - Printed in colour/Unique PIN
(1)1.00 Danone Activia Lactose Free 1 pack 09/10/16UPC 29417083 - Printed in colour/Unique PIN
(1)1.25 Danone Creamy 1 pack any format 09/10/16UPC 29417041 - Printed in colour/Unique PIN
(1)1.00 Danone Fibres wub1 09/10/16UPC 29417096 - Printed in colour/Unique PIN
(1)1.00 Danone Activia Fat Free wub1 pack 09/10/16UPC 29417070 - Printed in colour/Unique PIN
(1)3.00 Danone DanActive 8x93mL wub2 09/10/16UPC 29417139 - Printed in colour/Unique PIN
(1)1.25 Danone DanActive 8x93mL wub1 09/10/16UPC 29417126 - Printed in colour/Unique PIN
(1)1.00 Danone YoCrunch 2x143g wub1 09/10/16UPC 29417142 - Printed in colour/Unique PIN
(1)1.00 Franco's provolone cheese 09/15/16UPC 2390339 (valid only BC,AB,SK,MB)
(9)1.00 Galbani Fresh Mozzarella products 226-340g 12/31/16UPC 46303019
(9)0.50 Gaylea sour cream any 06/01/17UPC 02708733
(9)1.00 IOGO Original 975g/Probio 875g/Greek 750g 10/31/16UPC 29215560
(9)1.00 Klondike wub2 multipacks 08/31/16UPC 87411227
(1)B2G1 Laughing Cow wub2 get FREE 1 box of Triscuits 11/30/16UPC 1420360
(1)1.00 L'Ancetre cheese variety 09/15/16UPC 2390337
(4)0.75 Natrel/Sealtest 1L or 473mL cream product 09/11/16UPC 19808026
(5)2.00 President spreadable cheese 185g 12/31/16UPC 46302683
(3)BOGO Skotidakis Authentic Greek yogurt 500g or 908g 09/30/16UPC 3610021
(1)1.00 Tre Stelle mascarpone cheese 09/15/16UPC 72007411

(9)1.00 Adam's any product 11/30/16UPC 51528427
(9)0.50 Barilla Vinegar 500mL 12/31/16UPC 59605805
(9)1.00 Bertolli Olive Oil 12/31/16UPC 59605791
(5)0.50 Bick's product any 12/31/16UPC 77008477
(5)0.50 Bick's product any 09/09/16UPC 1000006744 (store specific)
(9)0.75 Club House Signature Blends 12/31/16UPC 20905949
(1)2.00 Filippo Berio olive oil 12/31/16UPC 10907519 HV
(5)1.00 Hellman's Carefully Crafted 710mL product 09/30/16UPC 87411138
(4)0.50 Maille Honey Dijon mustard 200mL/250mL 09/30/16UPC 4250792
(8)2.00 Mrs.Dash seasoning blends 55g or larger wub2 12/31/16UPC 60003948
(6)1.00 Mrs.Dash any product 12/31/16UPC 60004097
(1)0.50 Sharwood's curry sauces/pastes/chutneys/powders NED UPC 84408251
(1)1.00 SunButter any variety 10/02/16UPC 78070266
(20)1.00 Weber's seasonings or rubs 12/11/16UPC 67901470
(20)0.50 Weber's Just Add Juice marinade mix 12/11/16UPC 67901483

(9)0.50 Barilla PRONTO pasta any 12/31/16UPC 32003417
(6)0.75 Barilla PRONTO pasta any 12/31/16UPC 32003433
(4)1.00 Catelli Bistro Tri-Colour fusilli,rotini or penne 375g wub2 10/31/16UPC 10838697
(10)2.00 Marie Callender's meals 680-879g 12/31/16UPC 44410504 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(1)2.00 Olivieri fresh pasta or sauce 09/09/16UPC 10838701 - Printed in colour/Unique PIN
(9)B2G1 Uncle Ben's Fast & Fancy products 165g 12/31/16UPC 08323415
(9)B2G1 Uncle Ben's wub2 Rice & Grains OR Bistro Express get one FREE 12/31/16UPC 08323705
(8)B2G1 Uncle Ben's wub2 Rice & Grains products 12/31/16UPC 08323734
(3)B2G1 Uncle Ben's wub2 Rice & Grains products 09/30/16UPC 08323819 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(2)2.00 Uncle Ben's wub2 Rice & Grains products 09/30/16UPC 08323822 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(9)2.00 Uncle Ben's wub2 Rice & Grains or Bistro Express products 01/31/17UPC 08323789

Baking Needs/Supplies
(5)0.75 Club House Organic Bag Spice or Club House Grinder 09/30/16UPC 20905721
(6)0.75 Club House Organic Bag Spice or Club House Grinder 09/30/16UPC 20904281
(1)0.50 Coyote pancake mix (Original/Flax/Buttermilk) 900g/1.5kg NED UPC 84408352
(9)0.50 Dr.Oetker Shirriff product any (1) 12/31/16UPC 88625834
(3)1.00 Keebler products any wub2 12/31/16UPC 84400872
(6)1.00 Pam 110-170g 11/30/16UPC 44410559
(9)1.00 Sugar Twin any product 09/30/16UPC 60003922
(1)1.00 Truvia sweetner product any size 06/30/17UPC 74500939

(2)3.00 Flamingo frozen poultry product 12/31/16UPC 2200917 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(4)1.00 High Liner marinated portions OR pan-sear selects strips 09/30/16UPC 12605381
(3)1.00 High Liner marinated portions 454g 12/31/16UPC 12605369
(7)1.00 High Liner Fillets 400-454g or Market Cuts 227g 12/31/16UPC 12605370
(6)2.00 Maple Leaf Prime Fresh Chicken wub any Club House La Grille product 08/31/16UPC 00610793
(1)1.00 Maple Lodge Farms Ultimate Chicken Frankfurters 12/31/16UPC 26207012
(1)B2G1 Maple Leaf/Schneiders Bacon 10/31/16UPC 00611145

(5)0.50 Celestial Seasonings Tea 03/31/17UPC 61602319
(5)1.00 Folgers Gourmet Selections 12/15/30 K-Cups or 750-920g Ground Coffee 08/31/16UPC 30404423
(9)1.00 Folgers ground coffee 750-920g or K-Cups 12/18/30ct 12/31/16UPC 30404641
(2)2.00 Glucerna 6-pack drinks or bars 09/09/16UPC 18222542 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(2)1.00 Hawaiian Punch 6x296mL 12/23/16UPC 22225665 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(5)2.00 Kraft liquid beverages wub3 any variety 48mL (Tang/Country Time/Kool-Aid/MiO/Crystal Light 10/31/16UPC 05548965
(4)2.00 Kraft liquid beverages wub3 any variety 48mL (Tang/Country Time/Kool-Aid/MiO/Crystal Light 10/31/16UPC 05548965 (FRENCH)
(3)1.00 Marley K-Cups 10/12pks 10/07/16UPC 95110938
(9)2.00 Melitta coffee any product 126-930g 08/31/16UPC 14709568
(15)1.00 O.N.E. Coconut Water beverage 500mL/1L - all flavours 12/31/16UPC 84214355
(2)2.00 PediaSure Complete 4x235mL 09/09/16UPC 18221897 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(9)1.00 Pure Leaf tea all flavours 547mL OR 1.75L 10/31/16UPC 84214023
(1)1.00 Tetley Signature Collections Teas 20s 12/31/16UPC 08117146
(19)0.50 Tim Hortons Iced Capp 11/06/16UPC 31101859 006
(12)0.50 V-8 + Energy can 237ml or multipack 948mL 11/11/16UPC 00926847

Restaurants/Fast Food
(3)FREE Cup of Chili Con Queso LONESTAR wub ONE entree OR appetizer OR beverage NED
Burger King Coupons - various (pm for details)
Coffee Culture Coupons - various (pm for details)
(20)Red Lobster 3.00 off any two lunches 07/22/16
(20)Red Lobster 4.00 off any two dinner 07/22/16
Quiznos Coupons - various (pm for details)
Arby's Coupons - various (pm for details)
Kelsey's Coupons - various (pm for details)
KFC Coupons - various (pm for details)
Pizza Hut Coupons - various (pm for details)
Popeyes Coupons - various (pm for details)
Wendys Coupons - various (pm for details)
Mr Sub Coupons - various (pm for details)
Mary Browns Coupons - various (pm for details)
Taco Bell Coupons - various (pm for details)

Household Cleaning
(9)1.00 Cascade product 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203382
(6)0.50 Dawn OR Mr.Clean product 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203381
(2)1.50 Drano any product (excl Advanced Septic Treatment) 09/30/16UPC 33696384
(9)BOGO Fantastik any product 11/30/16UPC 33696414
(9)2.00 Finish Quantum Max/Max in 1/Jet Dry/Dishwasher Cleaner/Freshener 08/20/16UPC 06559045
(1)1.50 Lysol disinfectant spray 10/15/16UPC 06559058
(3)0.50 Palmolive Fusion Clean 650mL 09/01/2016UPC 80006791
(5)0.50 Palmolive any 650mL or larger ULTRA ONLY 09/30/16UPC 80006935
(17)1.00 Scrubbing Bubbles any product 11/30/16UPC 33696746
(1)2.00 Scrubbing Bubbles FreshBrush starter kit 09/30/16UPC 33695479
(9)1.00 Swiffer product 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203385
(17)1.00 Windex any product 11/30/16UPC 33696528

(9)2.00 Downy fresh protect OR UNSTOPABLES OR Gain fireworks OR Bounce BURSTS OR Ivory Snow Blissfuls 08/24/16UPC 003700-203242
(1)1.50 OxiClean Powder product 09/30/16UPC 65334724
(2)2.00 Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent 09/09/16UPC 30126741 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(9)1.00 Shout any product 11/30/16UPC 33696759
(2)1.00 Sunlight PowerCore 4in1 pacs product 12/31/17UPC 72615279
(17)BOGO Tide wub2 PODS (greater than 20 loads) OR Liquid (greater than 32 loads) GET FREE 1 40load Downy Fabric Conditioner 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203237
(17)3.00 Tide/Downy/Bounce/Gain wub2 (excl Tide Simply Clean) 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203239

(9)1.00 Febreze product 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203383
(17)6.00 Glade Wax Melt Warmer 11/30/16UPC 33696498 HV
(17)3.00 Glade Large Jar Candles any 11/30/16UPC 33696502
(17)5.00 Glade Automatic Spray Starter Kit 11/30/16UPC 33696528
(17)BOGO Glade Scented Oil or Automatic Spray refill 11/30/16UPC 33696485

Personal Care
(17)4.00 Always DISCREET underwear product 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203236
(17)2.00 Always DISCREET liner OR pads product 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203235
(2)1.50 Always or Tampax Radiant product 09/11/16 UPC 0037000-203567 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(9)3.00 Depend products 8ct or higher 11/01/16UPC 13929930
(9)1.00 Kotex U by Kotex products any (1) not valid on liners 14-22ct or trial size/travel packs 09/30/16UPC 13929956
(9)2.00 Playtex Sport pads/32-36ct tampons/liners/combo packs (excl 16-18 ct tampons) 09/30/16UPC 29010976
(1)2.00 Playtex Gentle Glide/Sport Tampons 36ct or larger 12/31/16UPC 29010787
(2)1.50 Playtex Sport Tampons, Pads, Liners or Combo Packs (excl 16-18ct tampons) 09/30/16UPC 29011227 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(9)1.00 Poise products Pads/Liners or Poise Impressa bladder supports (not valid on 14-26ct liners or 10ct pads) 11/01/16UPC 13929943
(3)1.00 Stayfree pads any 08/31/16UPC 29011009
(2)1.50 Stayfree pads any 11/30/16UPC 29011096
(2)1.50 Stayfree pads any 02/28/17UPC 29011070 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(3)1.50 Stayfree pads any 11/30/16UPC 29011083 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(2)1.50 Stayfree pads any 01/31/17UPC 29011269 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(2)1.50 Tampax Pocket Pearl product 09/11/16UPC 0073010-203570 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(9)1.00 Tena Ultimate Underwear product 12/31/16UPC 28005735

Makeup/Lotions/Sunblocks/Lip Balms
(1)3.00 Gold Bond Ultimate cream or lotion 127g or 160g 12/31/16UPC 06804956
(6)1.50 Gold Bond Medicated Anti-Itch Cream 28g or Lotion 155mL 08/31/16UPC 06805018
(1)3.00 L'Oreal Miracle Blur 12/31/16UPC 46972620
(20)5.00 Neuragen topical oil 5mL 08/31/16UPC 5000003
(17)1.25 Olay Complete OR Age Defying OR Classic Facial Moisturizer 08/24/16UPC 0075609-203388
(17)0.75 Olay Complete OR Age Defying OR Classic Facial Cleanser OR Daily Facials 08/24/16UPC 0075609-203386

Oral Hygiene
(2)0.75 Arm & Hammer toothpaste any 09/30/16UPC 65335405
(22)0.75 Arm & Hammer toothpaste any 09/30/16UPC 65335483
(12)0.75 Arm & Hammer toothpaste any 10/31/16UPC 65335499
(2)2.00 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush battery operated toothbrush 09/30/16UPC 65335407
(20)2.00 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush battery operated toothbrush 09/30/16UPC 65335485
(8)3.00 Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothbrush 11/31(30th)/16UPC 80006859
(9)1.50 Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste 11/31(30th)/16UPC 80006861
(1)0.75 G.U.M. Proxabrush Go-Betweens 12/31/16UPC 34107889 (FRENCH)
(1)0.75 G.U.M. Flossers Proxabrush or Soft-Picks 75-90ct 12/31/16UPC 34108332
(1)1.00 G.U.M. Soft-Picks Advanced 12/31/16UPC 34108329

(4)2.00 BIC 2pk Soleil Shine or any Soleil disposable shavers (excl. trial size) 12/31/16UPC 35410964
(3)2.00 CeraVe any product 03/31/17UPC 79509220 HV
(1)2.00 Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths 25ct 12/31/16UPC 38305492 HV
(9)2.00 Dove MEN+CARE/Degree/Axe Dry Spray Antiperspirant 09/30/16UPC 89290032
(5)1.50 Dove female body wash any 12/31/16UPC 89289654 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(9)2.00 Dove Clinical/MEN+CARE Clinical/Degree Clinical/Protection 11/15/16UPC 89290046
(6)2.00 Dove/TreSemme/Nexxus wub2 hair care products (excl travel/trial/Dove MEN+CARE) 10/31/16UPC 89289986 HV
(9)2.00 Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour product 08/31/16UPC 46973261
(3)2.00 Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour product 12/31/16UPC 46973069
(9)2.00 Garnier Nutrisse Cream product 08/31/16UPC 46973287
(3)2.00 Garnier Nutrisse Cream product 12/31/16UPC 46973043
(9)1.00 Garnier Whole Blends product 09/01/16UPC 46974004
(9)2.00 Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor System with Flexball 08/24/16UPC 0047400-203436
(5)2.00 Gillette MACH3 refillable razor 10/31/16UPC 0047400-204472
(4)1.50 Gillette 3 or 5 blade disposable razor 10/31/16UPC 0047400-204191
(9)3.00 Gillette Venus razor and Venus Satin Care shave gel 09/30/16UPC 0047400-204193
(17)0.50 Herbal Essence OR Aussie hair care product 08/24/16UPC 0008151-203232
(17)1.50 Herbal Essence OR Aussie wub2 hair care products (must include Shampoo AND Conditioner OR Styler) 08/24/16UPC 0008151-203233
(9)3.00 John Frieda any Brilliant Brunette/Sheer Blonde/Radiant Red product 12/31/16UPC 60001469
(7)3.00 John Frieda any Frizz Ease product (excl 30/45mL) 02/28/17UPC 60001516
(17)0.75 Olay body wash OR beauty bar OR body lotion product 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203387
(6)0.75 Old Spice deodorant/antiperspirant 08/24/16UPC 0012044-203246
(9)0.75 Old Spice body wash/bar soap/shampoo/styling product 08/24/16UPC 003700-203245
(17)1.00 Pantene OR Head&Shoulders hair care product 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203230
(17)2.50 Pantene OR Head&Shoulders products (must include Shampoo AND Conditioner OR Styler) 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203231
(15)2.00 Schick Disposable Razor, Edge Shave Gel or Skintimate Shave Gel 08/31/16UPC 29011054
(17)1.50 Secret Clinical product 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203244
(9)0.75 Secret Outlast Xtend OR Scent Expressions OR Destinations product 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203243
(16)1.00 Unilever Bodywash or Bar (excl. trial/travel/gift packs/single bar) 12/31/16UPC 89290050
(3)3.00 Veet products wub2 (creams or waxes) 12/31/16UPC 06558576

(3)5.00 Aerius any product 20 tablets or more 08/31/16UPC 07659296
(4)3.00 Aerius any product (excl.trial size of 2 tablets) 12/31/16UPC 07659850
(2)5.00 Aerius/Aleve/Aspirin/Claritin/Coppertone/Dr.Scholls/Flinstones/Midol/One-A-Day wub2 08/31/16UPC 07659254 (pm for exclusions)
(1)10.00 Aerius/Aleve/Aspirin/Claritin/Coppertone/Dr.Scholls/Flinstones/Midol/One-A-Day wub3 08/31/16UPC 07659238 (pm for exclusions)
(8)2.00 Aleve any product 20ct or higher 08/31/16UPC 07658626
(2)2.00 Aleve any product 20ct or higher 08/31/16UPC 07659270
(9)2.00 Aleve any product 20ct or higher 12/31/16UPC 07659948
(1)3.00 Aleve Nighttime 20ct or higher 10/31/16UPC 07659397
(9)8.00 Baush+Lomb Ocuvite product 12/31/16UPC 74212431
(2)3.00 Breathe Right nasal strips any 09/09/16UPC 83830798 - Printed in colour/Unique PINS
(9)4.00 Centrum Multigummies Women 12/31/16UPC 12927698
(9)2.00 Centrum Multigummies 12/31/16UPC 12927715
(1)5.00 Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion 500mL OR Cream 453g 12/31/17UPC 38304109
(4)3.00 Cetaphil RESTORADERM body wash or moisturizer 295mL (excl. bundle packs) 12/31/16UPC 38304011
(8)5.00 Claritin product 30ct or higher 08/31/16UPC 07659283
(4)3.00 Claritin product any product 12/31/16UPC 07659889
(2)3.00 Dr.Scholl's Active Series insoles 08/31/16UPC 07658987
(9)2.00 Dr.Scholl's Massaging Gel insoles 09/30/16UPC 07659528
(1)5.00 Emergen-C drink mix products 05/01/18UPC 12927656
(1)5.00 Emergen-C drink mix product 05/01/18UPC 12927669 *FRENCH*
(9)4.50 First Response Pregnancy PRO test kit 06/01/17UPC 65335467
(1)2.50 Jamieson Digestive Care daily fibre 12/31/16UPC 77308160
(9)3.00 Nasacort allergy 24hr nasal spray 09/30/16UPC 3380079
(2)1.50 Nature's Bounty any product 08/31/16UPC 99801293
(2)FREE One Touch Verio Flex meter wub 100 One Touch Verio test strips 09/30/16
(1)3.00 Robax ThermaCare NED UPC 12923755 *FRENCH*

(5)2.00 Bandai Let's Speak Whale toy 09/30/16UPC 76148529
(1)1.00 Boogie Wipes (not valid on 10ct) 12/31/17UPC 48302236
(1)10.00 Fisher-Price off any $49.99 or above purchase of Swings/Bouncers/Gliders/Rockers/Entertainers 12/31/17UPC 78811339
(1)3.00 Huggies diapers 54ct or larger OR Little Swimmers 17ct or larger 08/25/16UPC 86741905 - Printed in colour/Unique PIN
(20)8.00 Huggies wub2 diapers (54ct or larger) or Wipes refills (624ct or larger) 09/09/16UPC 1000005762 (Store Specific)
(1)7.00 Nestle GOOD START 1 with Omega3+6 and dietary fibre Ready-to-Feed Nursers 10/31/16UPC 10041329
(1)2.00 OxiClean Baby Stain remover 12/31/17UPC 65335411
(17)3.00 Pampers Diapers OR Training Pants AND Wipes 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203234
(17)3.00 Pampers Easy-Ups/Training Pants/Underjams (2 bags/1 box) AND Splashers 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203229
(17)1.50 Pampers Diapers OR Training Pants 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203227
(1)2.00 Pedialyte any product 03/31/17
(1)7.00 Similac Partially Broken Down protein 630g containers 06/30/17UPC 18223558
(1)5.00 Simliac Advance Omega-3 & Omega-6 8x59mL 05/31/17UPC 18223587

Household Items/Paper Products/Misc.
(9)0.50 Bounty napkins or paper towel 6roll or more 08/24/16UPC 003700-203224
(1)1.00 Cashmere Fresh Wipes tubs and refills 06/30/17UPC 12017951
(5)1.00 Cashmere Ultra 2 or Cashmere UltraLuxe 12 double rolls 08/31/16UPC 12018299
(17)0.50 Charmin toilet paper 12 double roll or higher 08/24/16UPC 0037000-203226
(1)1.00 Glad Kitchen Catchers OR Compostable product 09/30/16UPC 01227039
(6)0.75 Glad ClingWrap or PressNSeal (excl 30m ClingWrap) 10/01/16UPC 01229585
(2)1.00 Glad PressNSeal 09/30/16UPC 01227055
(1)0.50 Kleenex wub2 any product 12/31/16UPC 49122174
(17)1.00 OFF! any product 11/30/16UPC 33696788
(1)2.00 Raid any product (1) 08/31/16UPC 33696283
(1)5.00 Raid any product wub2 08/31/16UPC 33696270
(20)4.00 Raid any product wub2 11/30/16UPC 33696456
(20)1.50 Raid any product 11/30/16UPC 33696443
(17)1.00 Raid any product 11/30/16UPC 33696818
(17)0.75 Royale Tiger Towel paper towel 6 roll or larger 10/31/16UPC 68011651
(17)0.75 Royale Velour bathroom tissue 12roll or larger 10/31/16UPC 68011664
(2)1.00 Royale Velour bathroom tissue any size 09/26/16UPC 68011488
(17)0.75 Royale facial tissue 6 multipack or larger 10/31/16UPC 68011648
(2)1.50 Rubbermaid FreshWorks produce saver container 11/06/16UPC 69405730
(20)1.00 Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids,Produce Saver,Lock-Its,Glass or Premier Container 08/06/16UPC 69405671
(20)1.00 Rubbermaid Beverage 08/06/16UPC 69405668
(17)2.00 Ziploc wub2 containers 11/30/16UPC 33696544
(17)3.00 Ziploc Space Bag product 11/30/16UPC 33696557

Pet Food
(2)B6G1 Fancy Feast Medleys (buy (6) 85g cans and get (1) FREE) 12/31/16UPC 27680940
(20)B6G1 Friskies Tasty Treasures 156g Buy (6) get (1)FREE 12/31/16UPC 27680953
(9)5.00 IAMS dry dog food any variety 4.2kg-18.2kg 09/30/16UPC 08323893
(9)4.00 IAMS dry cat food any variety 1.59kg-11.57kg 09/30/16UPC 08323880
(9)FPC Kibbles 'n Bits FREE 1.6kg-1.8kg WUB any 5.7kg or larger bag 08/31/16UPC 66906126
(6)2.50 Milk-Bone brushing chews dental treat 08/31/16UPC 66906142
(20)5.00 Pedigree Vitality dry dog food (5.4kg-19.8kg,any variety) 09/11/16UPC 08323457
(20)BOGO Pedigree Care & Treats (pm for details) get (1)FREE Care & Treats (pm for details) 09/11/16UPC 08323499
(9)BOGO Pup-Peroni/Jerky Treats/Snausages dog snacks 196g or less NED UPC 66905631HV
(2)1.00 Purina DentaLife Chews any size, any variety 10/31/16UPC 27680865
(9)1.00 Purina DentaLife Chews any size, any variety 08/31/16UPC 27680878
(20)3.00 Purina ONE dry cat food 12/31/16UPC 27681190
(1)1.00 Saular Scoopable cat litter NED 1090042
(6)2.00 VitaLife All Natural Dog Treats 454g any variety 01/31/17UPC 31201115
(13)B5G5 Whiskas buy (5) wet products get (5) FREE Perfect Portions singles (max value $5.95) 10/23/16UPC 08323617
Wish List:
****CHOOSE $55 In Reg Coupons FOR $5 GC*****

~~~~~~~~~~~~~My Little Old Wishlist~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
My WL is ever changing so I like to look at tradelists to see if there's any new or interesting to me.

I do accept colour printed coupons, but please mention this prior. Thx.

Pampers Wipes $3
Black Diamond cheese blocks
Cottonelle Double Rolls $3
Dempsters White Bread $1
Scotties 6pk $1 12/31/16
Danone Activia $1
Tenderflake any product $1 (August or later)

Any/Most Food FPC's RLF
Activia (valid on 650g tubs/8pks) RLF
Ah Carmel Snacks
Alcan (No BBQ Buddy please)
Allen's Juice/Rougemont RLF
Armstrong Cheese bars $1/0.75 RLF
Artic Gardens FPC/$5
Astro Yogurt $1 valid on 650g RLF
Attitude spinach/baby spinach/greens
Aunt Jemina Syrup
Banana FPC
Beatrice Milk FPC
Becel Pro-Activ FPC - must be valid in ON
Bertolli Olive oil $2
Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes
Bisquick (NOT shaker)
Black Diamond (blocks 450g) 12/31/16 RLF
Black River Angus FPC
Bounty $1 or higher (6 roll) - must be valid in ON RLF
Boursin $1 or higher RLF
Bravo Spaghetti Sauce
Brown Sugar - (NOT Splenda thx)
Bulk Barn $5 GC RLF
Burnbrae Farms eggs FPC RLF
Bush Beans FPC RLF
Burt's Bee $5 off any prdouct 08/31/16 (must be valid on lip balm)
Butterball Whole Turkey
Bread($3 Ziploc)
Cadbury Easter Eggs/Minis
Cadbury snack cakes
Campbells Chunky Soup $1/$2
Campbells 4/$1 RLF
Campbells ($1/Valid on Goldfish, Bistro, Pace)
Canada Bread Co. FPC
Canada Dry
Canadian Tire Money
Carl Buddig FPC (max. value 1.99)
Carnation Evaporated Milk
Cashmere ($2/3) RLF
Catelli/Smart/Healthy Harvest/Bistro (EFN on Tri-Colour Bistro)
Cavendish FPC RLF
Cavendish $1 - valid on patties (pop cases) 12/31/16 RLF
Chapmans ($4/$5) RLF
Chef Boyardee RLF
Cheemo Perogies NED RLF
Cheese 0.75 any block
Chicken (Fresh) $4
Christie products
Chips Ahoy! 0.75 RLF
Cineplex/Empire Tickets (no online codes please) RLF
Cinnamon Pops
Classico product $1
Colgate-Palmolive ($1/5/FPC - 2017) RLF
Colgate toothpaste ($1/Up) no size restrictions - valid on Cavity Protection
Coke FPC
Coke/Diet Coke/Mug
ConAgra $$/FPC's
Cool Whip tubs RLF
Cottenelle toilet paper 12dbl rolls $2/3 or higher RLF
Crackers - Christie/Vinta (Dare)/etc RLF
Cracker Barrel (any value/blocks)
Crest FPC
Crush soft drinks $1 RLF
Dairy Milk FPC
Dairy Queen (Peanut Buster)
Dare ($1/FPC)
Degree Men RLF (no spray/no clinical)
Degree Women (no spray/no clinical)
Del Monte Canned Veg ($1/0.75/no salt added ok)
Del Monte Canned Fruit Snacks
Delissio Pizzas RLF
Dempsters FPC (Bagel/Bread)
Dempsters Wholegrains (not wub) RLF
Dempsters Garden Vegetable
Dempsters Bagels RLF
Dempster Tortilla (no garlic please)
Diana 0.50/$1 sauce or marinade
Dofino - good on havarti
Dole Salad Kits (must be valid on any)
Dole Fruit Bowls, Parfait, or Gel.
Doritos/Ruffles RLF
Dove Chocolate FPC RLF
Dove bar soap $2 (valid on regular OR MEN+CARE) RLF
Dr.Oetker Panebello $/FPC RLF
Dr.Oetker Mug Cake FPC/Bogo/$1/0.50 (2017 only)
Driscoll’s, ($1/$2)
Duncan Hines
Eagle Brand Condensed Milk 0.75
E.D. Smith Jams/Pie Filling RLF
Egg Creation FPC
Egg Whites (Naturegg)
Eggos $1 No minis RRRLF
Elastoplast $2 or higher
English Muffin (Old Mill/Dempsters/Wonder)
Filippo Berio $4 olive oil
Flamingo $5 Oct/31/16 or later
Fresh produce
Fresh chicken
Fruit - any just pm me!
Garnier Hair Colour FPC RLF
Gaylea sour cream (FPC/$2/$1)
General Mills (0.50/$1 any)
Glad Cling Wrap (2017)
Glad Garbage Bags Outdoor
Goldfishes (Not Graham/Pretzel/Rainbow)
Goldseal tuna
Green Giant Frozen Veggies (any value)
Greenworks $1 (valid on dishsoap)
G.U.M. 0.75 valid on any product Dec/2016
Haagen Dazs (not WUB)
Hamburger Helper $3 Beef Wub
Heinz $1 (not baby)
Heinz Ketchup
Hidden Valley $2
Hunts snack pack (FPC) RLF
Hunt snack pack RLF
HP Sauce (any value)
Irish Spring (Must include Bar soaps)
Jamieson Vitamins - valid on any
Janes valid on chicken fillets ($2 or higher) RLF
Jello RLF
J&J ($2 Bandaid)
Johnson & Johnson Mailouts RLF
Johnsonville Sausages $2 RLF
Kellogg's Cereal
Kellogg's Mini Wheats $1 (Dec/16) RLF
Kellogg's Rice Krispies
Kellogg's FPC RLF
Kellogg's GAS Card/Codes $5 RLF
Kellogg's PINS (FPC Cereal/Breakfast FPC)
Kellogg's Fibre Plus ($2)
Kellogg's Fruit Crisps/Pastry Crisps
Keurig $5/$3 peelie valid on K-Cups RRRRRLF
Kikkoman $1 RLF
Kimberly-Clark Mail Outs RLF
KitKat $1
Knorr Sidekicks (must be valid in ON) RLF
Kozy Shack
Kraft $1.50 wub2 Peak freans, Oreo, Philadelphia cream cheese, Miracle Whip, Kraft salad dressings, etc
Kraft $5 wub5
Kraft Peanut Butter
Kraft Philly Dips (any/any value)
Lactantia Butter $1 OR 0.75
Laughing Cow RLF
Lee&Perrin’s Worchestershire Sauce (any value)
Listerine (valid on Zero) (July or later)
Maille mustard 250mL (no honey) RLF
Mann's Vegetables RLF
Maple Leaf Prime Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast ($2/$5) (not wub Clubhouse please) RLF
Marc Angelo NED RLF
Marc Angelo FPC (up to $5 value) RLF
Marley K-Cups 12ct $3 RLF
Mars Canada FPC
McCain Pizza/Pockets FPC
McCain Pizza Pocket $1 (Valid on 4's)
McCain Deep and Delicious RLF
McCain Superfries (FPC/$$$)
Method soap RLF
Melitta $2.50 or higher RRRRLF
Minute Rice (regular) $1
Miracle Whip
Mondelez Canada 0.75 wub3 (Crunchie/Caramilk/CrispyCrunch/Etc) RRRLF
Mr.Big FPC
Mug soft drinks
Natrel/Sealtest/Québon $$/$5 Call In
Natrel Milk ($2/1 Valid on 4L)(not lactose/flavoured pls) RRRRLF
Neilson/Gaylea/Sealtest Sour Cream (Not Gold)
Nescafe (not latte or cappucino)
Nestle Noir ($1 - 100g)
Nestle After Eights 300g
Nestle $5 Frozen Meals
Nestle FPC Stouffers RLF
Nestle Ice Cream Product FPC
Nestle $2 Drumstick
Nutella FPC/$$
Nutri Grain Superfruit ($1/$2/FPC) RLF
Oasis Refrigerated Juice FPC
Oasis from Allen's boxes or 1.75L $1.25
Oh Henry FPC
Oikos $1 or higher (valid on any) (not wub2 please)
Old Dutch Chips $2
Old Dutch M&M's wub
Old El Paso FPC
Old El Paso $4 Chicken wub ok
Old El Paso Smart Fiesta Kit
Old El Paso seasoning
Old Mill Bagels
Olivieri Pasta/sauces
Olymel $2 (valid on chunkies) $5/$10 Gift Certificate
Oreos/ChipsAhoy/Fudgeos (not Extras)
Orville microwave popcorn (valid on 10pk)
OxiClean FPC
Palmolive $1 on (1)
Pampers Wipes $3 - must be valid on all sizes (printed is ok! August 15th or later) RLF
Panebello $2 RLF
Pataks valid on Tikka Masala
Peak Freans
Pepsi 2L Free wub 2 Family Size Lays RLF
Philadelphia Cream Cheese(printed in colour ok!)/Dips (no chocolate or jalapeno please)
Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (Grands) (any value) RLF
Prime Ground Turkey/Chicken FPC/$2
Premium Plus Crackers
Pogos valid on 8pk (beef)
Polysporin Eczema
POM juice $1 RLF
President Choice cookies FPC
Pringles (Superstacks)
Puritan Stews
Quaker Oats Oatmeal FPC (Instant Only)
Quaker Chewy Banana Chocolate Chip FPC RLF
Quaker $1 peelie - valid on Dipps RRRRRRRLF
Reser's - valid on salads RLF
Renee's Dressing $1.50 PRINTED IS OK! ( (August or later)
Rice Krispie Treats RLF
Robax $5 RLF
Rougemont Juice
Royale Products valid on any ($2/$3/$5 or higher/Velour 12 roll ok)
Royale Tiger/Paper Towels $3 or higher RLF
Ruffles B1G1/$
Sabra FPC
Saputo - Valid in Ontario
Sara Lee
Schneiders Bacon (no BOGO's)
Schneiders $5 Call-In
Schweppes (no dark gingerale please)
SDM Points
Sensodyne/Iso-Active /Pronamel
Shoppers Drugmart Gift Card ($5=$55 Handpicked)
Simple Green
Skippy Peanut Butter Reg and Naturals
SmartFood PopCorn FPC RLF
Smuckers jams
Snack Pack pudding RLF
Source Yogurt FPC
Special K Fruit Crisps/Pastry Crisps (Oct or later)
Stagg Chili RLF
Stamps (unused,P stamps/$1) each stamp = $6.00 worth of coupons
Stouffer PINs RLF
Stouffer products/fpc RLF
Sunmaid Raisins (not bread)
Tampax FPC/$3
Tide FPC
Tim Horton's FPC's (Coffee/Donuts)
Tim Horton's Gift Card ($5=$55 Handpicked)
Tostitos/Ruffles/Lays Chips/Salsa/Dips $/FPC
Tostitos Artisan/Restaurant Style Lime
TRESemme $1.50/$2.00 - valid on any size
Tre Stelle $5 (or any amount - valid on ricotta)
Trop FPC
Twinnings Tea
VH Sauce $1 (not wub) RLF
VH Steamer BOGO/$2
Vinta (Dare)
Walmart Gift Card ($5=$55 Handpicked)
Welch's $1 RLF
Werther's FPC RLF
Whole Blends Shampoo/Conditioner FPC
Wonderful Pistachios
Wonderful POM $1 OR higher




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