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    awww, Max has a way of keeping me glued to his videos, I waited patiently, clinging to every sound or word! Gotta love that deep dip of his head, swirl around and then come up stretching out the word " Hi! " . Nothing can bring joy and lower the BP like animals can, I swear by them.
    Would never take on a parrot now, they live too long and are so much work. We had a very short lived experience with a Senegal parrot and a cockatiel. Donny did ALL the feather/wing trimming so they would not fly away....I admired them from inside their cages only. Was terrified of their beaks.
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    I just snicker and then break out in a full laugh at Jenny's antics. ((( loving her from afar !!)))
    here was MY pick me up moments ago in my news feed!

    Then, another good chortle came when General Mattis responded to Trumps weak attempt at insulting him, Mattis said " well I guess I am the Meryl Streep of Generals! " ( Trump had once referred to Streep as the most overated actor, also called Mattis an overated General )
    I smell an Impeachment soon do you??
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    so.....clearly we will be having both cabbage and cauliflower ALL week and maybe even some at Thanksgiving? ha ha
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    oh that is rich! Always reciprocal in sharing things you have....bwahahaha, poor DD suffering with a nasty cold now. News Bulletin: it is raining again here. The silver lining to that is yesterday at Lowes I picked up 2 more potted ( gorgeous yellow! ) Mum plants marked down to a buck a piece, and another perennial, marked down to $5.00 ( something DH loves...Potentilla...... also produces bright yellow flowers )
    Nice of Mother Nature to give them all a drink today.
    Yes!! hockey and baseball games on tonight! Did ya watch the highlights of the NL comeback in the 8th inning of the Wild card game against Milwaukee?? Washington Nationals won!! Their fans lost their minds as they had home field advantage.
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    YIPPEE!!! Your birthday card arrived there today?! Love it. Remember you and ONLY you get to say how big a slice of cake is for your serving. tee hee!!!
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    well IF my DD ever takes me to any of HER concerts I would have to have a catheter in.....ha ha ! she only goes to these ones where you are standing for hours waiting for the show to start ( close enough to lean their elbows on the stage ) Oh yeah and my eardrums would be bleeding...ha ha
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    just read it! OMG, what a DD you have.... the miracle worker!!
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    My FIL who was a carpenter by trade his whole life, even laboured in a logging camp as a very young man, well in later life he was discovered to be allergic to sawdust! Isn't that the oddest thing? I am glad Dd got immediate relief from the allergy pill. Yes btw I AM up at 5 in the a.m. on my darn Woke up when the guys came home, but I'll be heading back up to bed soon.
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    just read the post about DD's newly discovered allergy? Did that mean a rash for her or sneezing or what?
    Aw rats eh? who needs allergies!!? Hope she found some OTC relief for the symptoms.
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    good grief lady! here we were again typing out a post in the Chat-A-Thon thread.....I just posted, then went to another link, then noticed you posted.....ha ha Whew about a bear being spotted near GS's school!
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    Thanks, Lynn - I was able to eat some lunch. However, other pains are quite bad. Physiotherapist comes tomorrow, hoping she can help me out.

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    tee hee....yeah it's me! Same to you, enjoy the LONG weekend!! Not sure if all 3 kids will be around but we're still gonna BBQ no matter what. Supposed to be glorious weather.
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    I think you meant to name avoncallingu in that last post.....not Natalka. UNLESS??? maybe Nat took a surprise trip up to the trailer? ha ha
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    ha ha I just read this now....I know eh? next step is asking me to cook her a fav. breakfast or something, which of course I'll hop up and do immediately! ha ha
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    phooey! Gotta get dressed right now to go pick up DD, she finished earlier today, always cutting into my fun here! ha ha
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    Have you ever heard of a Root Beer Float Pie? ( you freeze it instead of bake it ) NOT Poon approved! ha ha

    I am going to wait till Bulk Barn opens up to phone and ask if they carry Root Beer Concentrate because I've never heard of it, apparently it should be with the Vanilla extract items, we'll see. This will be my big project for the day! ha ha
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    Hi Lynn ..Yes !! It sure is a big step for them. Both them is ready for house now ,they been renting apartment for 2 years and they both keep saying their throwing away their money on rent .so they finally said enough is enough and the time as come to make this big move for them .between her parents and us shouldn’t take long get them move into their house when time comes .though sad part their so far away from her parents and us .but hey both them got full time jobs where their living too.My son is only 10 minutes drive away from where he works and his GF she’s about 15 minutes drive away.both them won’t have long drives get to work so thats great. Ohhh my living room was completely finish last Thursday morning and after lunch my new furniture we got everything done before we left go to my Son place on Good Friday.i paint my living room walls Fern Glow its little green .it makes livingroom look so much bigger now.
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    Good Morning! Hope all is well with you .Thank you!for the lovely message.Idid get chance walk along the beach one day.too much ice on shoreline had come back, busy with work.I got it in my head to start painting the living room ceiling between working etc.then paint my walls .Then everything had go back into living son and his gf been looking at on Good Friday we drove 5hrs to get to my sons place,Saturday we were out looking at my Son b-day so in between all craziness .We took them out for supper celebrate .Easter sunday after lunch we head back its been crazy 2 weeks last night my son phone said they put in offer on house. so hopefully they will hear back soon.if the offer gets accepted and
    everything gets finalized .then back to his place help them move in their home .its been busy 2019.No vacation this plan is go Vegas June.if everything works out and both of us can get 2wks off work at same time .
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    I did very little in the housecleaning dept. instead I decorated the living/dining area with cute ceramic bunny things, colourful Eastery thingys
    ( most paper related, couple of wooden items, Dollar store vein ) then dug out my pastel flowery Easter themed table cloth. Both the pumpkin cheesecake and the pumpkin pie have just now finished baking......I like to have dessert out of the way, they'll both be fine in the fridge till Sunday. Plop enough whipped cream on the top when they are sliced and served and anything tastes great.
    Both guys just got into the taco, 7 layer dip and burgers I made earlier....that was a great prep ahead I did there, now the kitchen will remain clean.
    I had to break this message here so there are 2 separate posts! ha ha
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    I am making sort of an experiment....starting with a normal deviled egg recipe. I bought THE cutest white ceramic holder perfect for deviled eggs at Dollaramma, but the well is shaped to hold them standing upright, so I'll cut accordingly.
    Once they are filled I'll place a teensy sprinkle of pastel colour on each 1/2 egg......I have 4....light blue, green, pink and mauve.
    I know that the base of these are " sugar crystals " ( meant for decorating cookies really but I just want the Easter colour, so I'll use very little.
    It is game time soon!! Be still me heart!
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    It’s ok I already bought it. Just a microwave rice cooker. It was only $8.00 at the bargain shop. Will use for rice, beans and pasta. I’m trying to just use my microwave. This place has no oven or stove. However they have a microwave and will allow a toaster oven or an induction hot plate.
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    BOY! I sure had " technical difficulties " trying to post a simple collage of photos of hilarious Hamlet and his antics.
    I finally got it in the post by screen-shotting it! ha ha I see you liked the post but not sure if the pics were even there yet?
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    hee an athlete? yeah, not even close, but I'll tone down the fitness reports as it is clearly a factor in our friendship going forward. ha ha Have a great day!!
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    it's soooo,late! It's almost midnight now but wanted to respond here. I just knew someone ( meaning you! ) would adore those crazy hyper baby goats! I always imagine them talking where one says " hey guys! follow me! " Isn't is the best that most of them follow blindly? I will answer your last email in the a.m. I am truly tired now. night night!!
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    brace yourselves for the hike on Monday at the pumps! the carbon tax goes into effect!
  26. Good morning, lady! Nice to see you so early I've got DD home with me today so we might do some shopping. She has a semi-formal coming up soon and track pants and hoodies don't quite cut it. It's fine with me though, comfort over fashion, am I right?!
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    I buy DH tons of expensive nuts, all raw, unsalted if I can find them. Mix all sorts together in a giant bowl ( using my usual individual sized salad bowl, lol ) and then I add a few nibblies of the small dried fruits, tossing the mixture well, filling his large jars up. They sit in his " beer fridge " ....grrrr! I should NEVER have opened the fridge to grab a water, THAT is what led to this!
    Oh yeah and also cuz cashews are the bestest!! ha ha
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    It is quite sad the outrage that happens immediately towards whoever they " think " said something. I listened to Reilly speaking on a clip a few moments ago and he said after the game he stayed quiet because he KNEW he had not uttered a racial slur, so he simply let the League investigate. That was smart on his part. I ate some cashews a few minutes ago.....non salted as if that made it any better. I should be tossed in Dr. Poon Jail!! What was I thinking eating those? Oh well......
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    I just listened to that clip you posted and I def. heard someone yell Fa**ot! Was that what you heard? I wonder if someone in the crowd said it? Do the mics pick up the crowds voices too?
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