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  1. MBA DT
    The SCSS is one of the primary research and academic hubs that support doctoral students at Cambridge Corporate University It was established in 2017 in the beautiful city of Lucerne Switzerland as a response to the growing demand for scholarly work and research studies in the political strategic sciences It is an international center that works to develop a research hub that gathers thought-leaders scholars and experts in the fields of planning and change management A new and efficient think-tank is created by researchers worldwide The innovative group offers recommendations and strategies to governments international bodies and related institutions interested in the same field of activities and governed by the neutral policy and approach at the SCSS and the CCU mba digital transformation
  2. The cambridge doctoral programs (CCU DP) is the official academic body that supervises the doctoral programs' offerings at Cambridge Corporate University in collaboration with various schools institutes and research bodies at the University of Cambridge Many of our doctoral programs can be found here The doctoral programs offered at Cambridge Corporate University are joint degrees between different schools and institutes at the cambridge phd programs offers fourteen Doctoral Programs leading to phd in robotics and artificial intelligence different schools institutes and university of cambridge phd programs research
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