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  1. Hi: what coupons are you looking for? Send a list & your mailing address and will see if I have any that you are looking for. Going on holidays soon and not able to join any of your trains. Have a Great Day! Kitty
  2. Hi Kitty
    Goncalves is my husband's lastname. I have no idea what it means...but it must derive from the Spanish Name Gonzales...or something similar to that...Although I have a place in Portugal where my inlaws just moved into and we a have a sheep, pig, some rabbits & we are thinking of getting a cow. I'm originally from Toronto and live in downtown...but I love the country! Can't wait to retire!
  3. Hi Agoncalves: Was thinking about maybe joining a coupon train, am not sure if have collected enough coupons yet. Will go check out those trains. Noticed the calves in your signature do you collect the real live 4 footed creatures? If so what breed? Have a Happy Monday! Kitty
  4. Kitty -- I noticed you collect coupons... you should join the canadian coupon train @

    Soaydune is running it! Lots of good coupons & Trains!
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