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  1. Thank you for the rep! Alee
  2. Hi
  3. I see you are on-line tonight too. Just wanted to pop in and say Hi.
  4. LOL! Thanks for the rep! Alee
  5. Your Welcome. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. Thanks for ALL the reps. I try to give you lots but it always tells me to pass it around so more. LOL. I need to get better at that I guess.
  6. Thanks for the Happy Monday! And the rep! Happy Tuesday!!
  7. Thank you for the rep! Happy Saturday!
  8. aww that picture of your little boy makes me smile! He so cute! Thank you for the rep! Have a great thursday! Alee
  9. Thank You for the Thursday rep!
  10. Thanks! All night I kept waking up thinking about how many dove shampoo/conditioners etc; I could have gottne free if I had been thinking while I was in the store, and not just following list style :D.
  11. Aww thanks! Also thanks for the rep! Have a great thursday afternoon!
  12. You welcome + TY for the rep! Have an awesome tuesday!
  13. Thanxs!! + Thanks for the rep! Happy wednesday!
  14. You are the Rep Queen!! Thanks!!
  15. Aww thanks! Also TY for the reP! Have a gr8 (great) wednesday!
  16. Thanks for the rep!!!!
  17. Hi Coley! Thanks for the rep boosts! have a great day!
  18. Hi, thanks for the rep! Have a awesome thursday!
  19. Thanks for the Rep!!!!
  20. Hia!! Thanks for the rep! Have a awesome friday!!!
  21. thanks for the rep
  22. TY for the rep boost! Have a great Monday!
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