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  1. Girl i already have a pile for you!!! Posted in the thread........ i will have it out by feb.11. Sorry for the longer delay!!! Posted on the train why!!!! GRRRRR family kinda sucks!!!
  2. no you won't LMAO!! I will return to sender it!! HAHAHAHAHA
  3. I will send it back lol
  4. Thanks!!! But remember how much we have traded!! Your WL is one that I really didn't need!!!!!

    I will be sending you an envie this week!!!! HAHAHA!!! LMAO
  5. wishlist needed!!!!lol
  6. Absolutely!!!
  7. Finally started the train if you are still interested
  8. oh thank god I was getting worried !!!!!
  9. To funny!! I just came on to message you to tell you it came today!!! It looks like it took so long because it says wrong postal code on it!!! but here's the best part... So as you know it's N5V1B9. They crossed out the B that you wrote, put another B underneath!!1 Weird but you put the right postal code!!!! Cross out a B to put another B!!!!!! I'm assuming that's why it took so long. I will leave FB tonight or in the morning.
  10. No VW yet???
  11. Ok lol. I found it quick!!
  12. will sit you on there then lol
  13. Hello!!!!
    i am interested!! i will look for the thread!!!
    i am starting a train today or tomorrow. I will PM you about it!!!
  14. hey stranger I have a reg train if interested
  15. Np ; )
  16. YAY! thanks
  17. ok your on
  18. Way to funny. I just posted in there saying I'm sad I missed this one lol. IM IN!!!!!!!
  19. hey I need to know in the next couple seconds lol do you want to join a reg train no bp
    I need one or two more so thought of you for ON
  20. I have heard a few saying they are sending their Dh's LOL
  21. well I am sure couponers are now heading to the beer store lol
  22. Haha i know. I was so shocked when I walked in and they had coupons. And then I kept looking at the signs all over with beer and bistro, and as thankful as I was for the coupon all I could think was.. Isn't it supposed to be beer and pizza lol
  23. see really havmn't been paying attention lol Wow the beer store who would of thunk it
  24. Yeah. I got them from the beer store. I posted it as soon as I found them. First I couldn't believe I found $1.50 Bistro. then I couldn't believe I found them from the beer store lol. It was some promo. There were signs everywhere basically saying "get drunk, eat bistros' lol
  25. god no no worrys I never knew there was a 1.50 was just drooling
  26. Do you need some? i will trade youother things for them if you need some!!!!
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