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  1. Thanks for the seat. I will PM you my WL once the chaos has died down. I think phone companies to that so people will invest in more of their products.
  2. Train?
    Would have text but I spent 10 mins trying and like I said my phone is messed up lol!!! Same message as I was getting but I can;t even text now!!!
  3. The fair was good. I don't have much shopping left to do this week. I will be going to SDM for a few things and likely WhiteOaks to pick up some photos from that awesome Blacks deal they just had. I had to take a rain check with my sis. We were supposed to do that last week but it rained so we postponed until this week. We can definitely plan a play date before it gets too cold
  4. Me time would be great lol. Justin is on afternoons and working 12 hours all weekend!!!BOOOO lol.
    How was the fair? Justin is on afternoons again this week so we figured we would take riley during the day next week.
    i still have shopping to do this week. LMk if you do to. Maybe we can head out and take the kids out for lunch or something.
  5. You're welcome! We went to the fair today and it was soo hot and I got a sunburn even though I was wearing sunblock. Now I am trying to relax and have a little "me" time.
  6. thanks for the reps!! It is very entertaining lol!! Justin is working Ot all weekend so i need something to keep me busy lol. Lets break out the popcorn!!
  7. Thanks for the reps!! It's just getting frustrating to listen to lol
  8. WOOT WOOT. Thanks your the best!!!
  9. Hey! Check the new FB flyer! Time for you to go nuts on the Fuze before they expire! LOL!
  10. Probably within the week. LOL
  11. Thanks for the rep! We will ride together again--LOL!
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