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  1. Be daring and go for it. Have a wonderful day too.
  2. I'm happy to hear that your experience with Amazon has been positive. My son has ordered through them a few times and has always been happy with their service. I'll have to bite the bullet and maybe treat myself curtesy of RBC. ;-). Have a wonderful day..
  3. I was very skeptical about online shopping but I have never had any problems so far (knock wood) especially on Amazon. They have so much stuff.
  4. I got the RBC $50 Visa card a while back when they had the promo. I may just have to try a purchase either at Amazon, or Walmart, just to give online shopping a try. If I get up the nerve to try it. LOL
  5. That's funny as I was going to mention online shopping too. I only do it if I have Amazon GC's usually.
  6. Thank you in turn for the rep! It is very true that just staying home can save you a great deal of money. I've lived it, too many times to count. It's a good thing I don't shop online or it wouldn't matter if I went out or not. lol
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