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  1. NOOO kidding? I now want to cancel my plans for US! No chocolate=no life for me LOL
  2. Awww, well you will always be an honorary Canucker with us. p.s. - American chocolate sucks! I find it waxy and not chocolaty enough. We will have to send you care packages of the good stuff.
  3. Hey I am SC'er but until I move and that will not be until April 2015 :p
  4. Well I am in Langley but that one isnt til end of Nov. So I am going to try to get to the one in Abbotsford (only 15 mins from me) one at the beginning of Nov. It will be 2 days before my birthday so I deserve to go!!
  5. TWO galas? Holy that will be fun! This was my first time going to a Gala. Which store are you going to? I have always missed SDM ones as I was like meeeh!
  6. Thank you for great message! Feeling much better but cough does not leave me alone!
  7. Oops I mean Regina!
  8. YOU did not send me chocolate? How unfair! *sniff* LOL
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