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  1. hey, any idea where i can get my hands on any of the latest coupon flyers everyone has been raving about (smart source, brandsaver etc.) i have never seen them in my paper, and i always check through a big recycling bin at the P.O. and never have found any.
  2. thanks for the tip!! i actually already have SOOO much laundry detergent stocked up! and i don't have that coupon anyways. that's a super good deal though!! that's awesome that i found a SC'er close by so we can share good deals with each other!!
  3. Hey Ashley,
    I just wanted to let you know that Purex with Zoot laundry detergent is on sale at WM for 4.78 or something close to that. If you have the 3.00 coupon from you can get it for 1.78. It is 55 loads, so a pretty good deal. It is located in one of the end isles by the frozen pizzas.
    I hope you are having a great day!!
  4. welcome to smart canucks! hope you get lots of useful info on here! i just joined a few months ago and i'm hooked! maybe we'll run into each other one day at walmart - i'm always carrying around my big black coupon binder, so if you see me, stop to say hello
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