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  1. awe - you are so sweet i will have a look at it and see... i just did a trade for a couple of bundles to help build up my stash, so hopefully i'll be able to do more trades soon. got some great coupons at SDM today too i'm so obsessed with smart canucks now. hehe
  2. I saw that I was HAPPY for you I'm going to be updating my trade list by the weekend if you'd like a trade I'm all in! AND Welcome to the SC family
  3. yay! i was so excited she let me on even though i'm a newbie!
  4. awwwwe THX just turned nifty fifty LOL!
  5. wow you're a young looking grandma!!
  6. thanks tis my Grandbaby Hope you have a snowmobile! I've gone a couple of times and it was lots of fun!
  7. thanks for the rep! your baby is soooo cute! yeah it's the middle of nowhere alright - my town has 800 people in it! this winter we have had about 2 weeks where the highway has been closed and we were storm stayed.
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