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  1. Adorable pic!! Happy Valentine's Day!!
  2. LOL! A gold star for your husband! He did really good! And one for you for posting it!
  3. Thanks for the rep Anne! I was so excited when my DH walked in the door with it! I was like, "HOW DID YOU GET THAT?" Apparently he's made a friend in the meat department who usually helps him find stuff on my shopping lists (he's visually impaired so shopping by himself with my coupons can be a bit difficult at times). I'm so proud of him. His 'friend' is also helping him find all the best deals on meat. Who knew my DH would become better at this couponing thing than me!!!
  4. LOL Anne, love the turkey pick up line. Totally cheered me up after a long day with my crazy family! Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!
  5. I guess she thought people wouldn't notice all of that when she posted the link? Too funny!
  6. OMG I was just on her site and she's stolen everything from SC and given no credit! Even the coupon policy! She just added a title page on it. She didn't even bother to change any of the wording on the links for the freebies and coupons. Erg. It just makes me so mad that people are out there making money on this from people who don't know any better that they can get it all for FREE! >_<

    I'm lucky I stumbled onto SC first or I might have been sucked into paying for all this valuable knowledge you guys are sharing with me.
  7. Thanks for your support!!! That's OUR list!!
  8. Wow Anne, I don't even do all the hard work and I'm still outraged on your behalf that these people are constantly stealing everything from you. Glad she got banned for the day! Hrumph! (And thanks for the REP!)
  9. lol thank you for the rep !!!
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