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  1. Great deal ... way to go.
  2. Thanks I actually accepted a $15 GC for $55 in $5 Similac cheques, but a few were expiring soon so I'm glad I didn't make too bad of a deal!
  3. They are considered High Value particularly if you have some $10 cheques. So I'd likely go with $3 or so unless there's a few $10 per $10. So $55 = $17 gift card or there abouts. You may ask how much they are expecting to offer ... some people would be happy with $10 or $12.

    $10 worth of HV coupon(s) - same / $3 GC / $20 reg coupon
    $10 worth of FPC coupon(s) - same / $5 GC / $25 reg coupons
  4. Hey Giv, I'm doing a trade for someone for $55 in Similac cheques and they want to know how much in a GC? I have NO idea what to ask for? Any guesses on a fair price?
  5. You are very, very welcome! It's so nice for you to take all of us newbies under your wing. This whole forum has been so amazing and certainly helps me pass the time now that I'm home all day with my new little guy. *hugs*
  6. Ah - shucks - thanks for the nice comment/rep - made my day.
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