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  1. AWWWWW CAn he be my Valentine? lol
  2. Poop! Didn't do it right! LOL.

  3. I hope your dinner goes really well! happy thanksgiving!
  4. wow. your brother sounds like my mom and brothers lol. i have 3 brothers and no one ever ever comes here. its their loss. so when it comes to functions i could really care a less. u can spend anytime with them allthe rest of the days of the year. my brother was supposed to get my kids helmets, im single mom and im not rich, do u know he still hasnt got them helmets. all my family does is give me empty promises.
    my mother is to busy with her dam dogs. does everything for them and gets them everything. i wish she could throw my kids a bone once in awhile.
  5. That's really horrible and I know exactly how you feel. My brother and SIL live five minutes from me and they've come to see the baby twice in four months, my SIL on DH's side has been here twenty or more times and she lives an hour away. It is so frustrating! And they are constantly saying they will come over and I get everything ready and they cancel five minutes before they are supposed to come.

    It's sad that your mother doesn't want to be a part of your children's lives more. I generally have the opposite problem, my mom wants me to come over all the time and gets mad when I don't want to.
  6. it is really nice to vent and someone actually knows whats going on. I really feelthat i dont even want to be around her. she literally lives less than a ten minute walk from me. I have lived where i am now (less 10 min walk) for almost 2 years. and she has walked over here twice. She does nothing with my kids. these are her only grandchildren. Doesnt say why dont you guys come over for dinner once in awhile. i dont have a washeer/dryer anymore . have portable washer its pretty good. but u think a mother would be helpful and offer me sometimes. she doesnt. i am to stubborn to ask. i just really feel taken advantage of by her. expects me to do do do for her and then in return i get slapped in the face.
  7. Wow, she sounds like a fun mom. I hate when they try and guilt trip you. I don't drive so my mom is the opposite always talking about how her car is ruined from driving so far and I always give her forty dollars for gas when she comes to get me (she lives about an hour and fifteen minutes from me).

    The thing that really annoys me the most is when she calls and I don't pick up the phone (even before I had the baby and was working) and she'd be like, "I don't know where you are... I thought you were off today... I don't know where you would have gone... I guess I'll call you later..." and then calls me five more times in a two hour period. So annoying!

    Sometimes its nice to have someone to vent to. LOL.
  8. he doesnt drive and called me this one day to tell me to drive her to get potatoes. i was busy seeing i was having company over. i had to tidy the house and shower. had no time to drop it all since she wanted to make scalloped potatoes. Sjhe got mad at me huffed and puffed onthe phone, threw in my face she gave me 20 for gas the day before ( i drove her around for close to 7 hours!!!) and then hung up on me. real mature. she calls me the next day and i dont even pick up the phone. she wants me to take her to dollar store to get invites for my dads surprise party. im like no busy, she goes ok by hangs up. sorry venting!!!!!!!!!!this is why i dont want to go to thanksgiving.

    part 2
  9. Im glad i am not alone! I just think its totally wrong that they cant even give a few pieces of turkey to there kids to make lunch for the next day.
    I remember last year my mother complaining that she had to pack up stuff for my uncle., my dads brother. He lives in housing and has very lil income. he is alone and prob never has a home cooked meal unless he commes to their house for dinner. im like wtf is wrong with you. ??? you are complaining to give someone turkey that woulddnt get itotherwise if he wasnt invited? i really really hate that she is like that. i am nothing like her. i would give anyone the shirt off my back.
  10. OMG my mom does this too and it is so annoying. She used to always gives us lots of stuff to take home so I'd be able to make sandwiches, soup and rice to freeze afterward. She was all by herself so she knew she wouldn't use it all. But she just got engaged for the 8th time and now she never sends anything back because he might want to eat it instead!

    We bought a turkey on sale at Walmart so I'll do a turkey dinner just for us in a few weeks. That way I know I'll be able to make my soup and rice up that I freeze for quick meals when I'm too tired to cook.
  11. Im glad to read that you have put your foot down. Thats totally not fair that you had to do all that on your own. My mother hasnt told me to cook or bring. which I will anyway... probably a desert. But like I said i would rather stay home and i would cook my own turkey and all the trimmings. I have one in the freezer. My mother doesnt like to give anyone turkey to take home to make even a sandwich. she likes to have it all for her and my dad. my dad would give it all away. i have a really hard time that she does that and it just erks my last nerve LOL.

    Can i come to your dinner and i will bring stuff and be the ref between your mother and mil lol
  12. Usually I do the entire dinner myself which includes the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, ham, scalloped potatoes, stuffing, coleslaw, brocolli, carrots and sweet potatoes and a cherry cheesecake. Everyone else will bring some cheese or pickles or buns. But this year I put my foot down so I'm only doing the ham, mashed potatoes, veggies and cheesecake. And I had coupons for all of it, except the ham which we had left in the freezer from a sale after Easter. LOL. I'm 32 now. I really wanted to have my kids before I hit thirty because I hate the thought of them losing their parents young (I lost my dad at 18).
  13. thats great that your dh changed his mind on the baby decision. Does everyone bring a dish to your thanksgiving? I sure hope they do , so you dont have to cook it all!
    I dont know how old you are but you prob have many years left to concieve.. I started off very early (didntplan on it) i was 19 when i had my son and 22 when i had my dd. at 24 i had my tubes tied ( never regretted it) and at 29 i was told i had pcos, which that can make you not get prego, but since im fixed it doesnt matter that much just the rest of it lol.
  14. I'm hoping to have another baby in about a year and a half to two years. My mom says I should get pregnant right away because I'm so old but we had no problems conceiving our son at all so I'm not worried about it. My DH was very insistant before our baby that he only wanted one and was going to get a vasectomy but luckily he's changed his mind! (How can you not want more of those smiles and giggles and that sweet baby smell?!)

    My DH and I organize a big Thanksgiving dinner for his family and mine every year. There's usually twenty or more people and we rent out the party room in our apartment building. I was hoping we'd get out of it this year since he was just on strike and we really can't afford it but he made a good point in saying if we put up with the crap on Thanksgiving we could have a nice quiet Christmas to ourselves. LOL. We'll see...
  15. I am also not looking fwd to thanksgiving. to be perfectly honest with you i could care a less. My immediate family has been getting on my nerves lately ughhhh. Im keeping my mouth zippered or it would be WWIII at my thanksgiving to .

    My son is 9.5 yrs... he will be 10 on january 11th!!! I also have a daughter and she just turned 7 in august. no more babies for me , but i do enjoy my friends babies.
  16. Yeah, they say enjoy every minute because it goes by so fast. I can't believe he's already four and a half months. Everyone is very excited because it's his first thanksgiving this weekend but I'm a little worried it's going to be WWIII with my mom and the MIL. LOL. How old is yours now?
  17. AWWW hes just to darn cute! I remember when my son was this small. Seems like a long time ago.
  18. Thanks for the rep Kelly! I got the sunglasses at when I was trying to top up my order to get all the free samples. They were only $4.99 and he loves them, so it was a pretty good deal with the free shipping!
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