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  1. Welcome - you should be able to find it at WM, SDM, RCSS, and Toys R Us
  2. OMG she got Top T? How is that even possible?! LOL
  3. I was thinking of doing that but I don't have a scanner to scan the coupons. LOL. I got my scrubbing bubbles gel and even though I had to pay $1.50 for them, I still felt like I got a great deal and I did it the honest way!
  4. I am going to go threw her threads and make her eat her words that she isn't misusing coupons lol and post pictures on them of how they are being misused - can't wait to see what she says
  5. Some people! I reported her rude reply on the thread and also this visitor message. It is unacceptable that these new people come in and brag about how they are misusing coupons and committing coupon fraud. Let's hope karma pays her a visit sometime soon.

    I hate to see people on her brags thinking that this is an acceptable thing to do. Like if the cashier doesn't catch it, too bad for them. I've had cashiers read every single coupon and call a manager multiple times because they'd been burned before and were told they'd be fired if it happened again. Sad that people like us get punished for their poor judgement. /End rant.
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