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  1. or email me at [email protected]
  2. hit me up on facebook im sally smart canuck
  3. Sally, what in the world is going on? Do I need to go kick someone's ass?
  4. Hey Sally, hope you are having a good weekend!
  5. I sent you a friend request. Hopefully it doesn't kill your computer or something.
  6. Bottom 2 now? Pirhanna? Hahah! I woulda tickled to get the baby off lol!
  7. The Bay and yes lots in the states.
  8. hehe told u so!
  9. Heh pretty sure your butt would, they make up to size 28 in her clothing!
  10. Mmmn cutting teeth the funnest thing since swiss cheese. Im working on getting my decorations down, I have to figure out what to do with the tree, we have no box or bag for it and garbage bags are not working hahah! I just got my xmas pressie I ordered in the mail today, a pair of Jessica Simspon jeans, they are so awesome. I'd never pay the 95$ retail though. I got em for 22!
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