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  1. Merry Christmas my friend! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day tomorrow and have fun spoiling that gorgeous baby boy!
  2. Hey sheets, just wondering if you ever got those coupons from Nattaly? I sent her quite a few, I think and I hate to be a pain in the butt, but I can't afford to be losing out on coupons right now. I already had a few early expiries (and one expired) in with my coupons. And did you give out the prize or were you waiting on Nattaly to send hers in first? Sorry to be a pain in the bum! LOL.
  3. ♥♥♥ Miss You!!! ♥♥♥
  4. Hi Sheets! Can you let me know when you get my envie? The new mail man hates me since I complained about not getting any mail, so I'm worried he might have done something bad to it. (Got my Gov cheques a week late because he delivered them to the wrong apt. #)
  5. It's okay, if I really wanted to I could take the bus but with DS being so fussy the past two days and me not getting any sleep, I just don't want to bother. LOL. I did end up getting my brandsaver coupons and my Oliveri FPC today. DH asked me if I wanted a nap when he got home and I was all grouchy and said I probably wouldn't sleep anyway. So he was like, Okay well you better go open your big stack of coupons then! LOL. That perked me right up. Was so disappointed because my mom always scores me a ton of Smart Source, but I guess her free paper doesn't do the Redplum or Brandsaver so I didn't get any of those.
  6. Yes, we haven't chatted in awhile! I'm sorry you can't make it tomorrow I'm just lucky that things worked out and I have a ride into Ottawa! We will definitely meet up soon
  7. Just stopping in to say Howdy! Haven't chatted with you in awhile! Hope you have fun tomorrow and next time we'll have to arrange to meet up at Carlingwood so I can meet you in person! *HUGS*
  8. Hi sheets, I'm up at my mom's for the week (Fri-Fri) it was my Grandma's birthday yesterday. Ugh. Her computer is so old and slow though. It takes fifteen minutes for it to start up and connect to the internet. LOL. Running some virus and spyware searches, I'm sure it is loaded up! Will probably be around once in awhile but not like I was before, just too annoying with this dummy computer! Hope you had a great weekend and get lots of great coupons in the mail today!! *HUGS*
  9. Good morning my friend! I haven't seen you around lately, what have you been up to?
  10. I am jealous of all your future soup! I can't seem to get my hands on smart source at all Guess I'll just have to score some of them through trades!

    I'm starting to really prefer VWT over regular traveling trains. Some trains are great but it's disappointing when you get 2 or 3 trains in a row with all the same coupons. VWT you get exactly what you want! I just find it hard parting with some of my better coupons... but it's worth it in the end!
  11. Hey sheets! Glad to hear you had a great weekend! I was supposed to go up to my mom's but we decided to postpone it until this weekend because Sunday is my Nanny's b-day. I was so happy I found a digital picture frame at The Bargain Shop for $35! It was on sale from $50 and no HST! Yippee! So I can spend the week picking out all the best pictures for her. It will really make a lot of space in her room she can pack up some of her picture frames!

    Hubby came shopping with me and we got some BBQ sauce on sale ($1.25 each - no coupon but we usually pay $1.99+ so we were still happy with it) and I went to put it away and I couldn't find it. He'd already stacked it up all nicely in stockpile closet. I think this week I need to go through my closet and see what I can get rid of some I have more room! My mom has 25 Smartsource so I'll need room for all my soup!
  12. Hi ash! I had an awesome weekend Sorry I didn't get a chance to write you back before... I've been crazy busy!! Hope you're having a good long weekend!!
  13. Have a fantastic weekend!!! ♥♥♥
  14. I am doing Lola's train right now. It was really hard for me because you needed Sept. 30th expiry or later and I don't have a lot of coupons but I managed to just do it. (Had to give up some of my J&J that I could have used, but oh well.) Finished two trades, one for Purex 3-in-1 and Ziploc and the other for some HV Pampers. Felt bad they sent extras, but I didn't have any. New Smart Source next weekend tho, so hopefully more coupons!!

    I'll definitely be around mid-August if you do decide to get together at Carlingwood!
  15. Hey Tami,

    LOL it sounds like I have a LOT to look forward to when Noah gets older. I actually decided to go ahead and buy a breastpump today. We've been renting the hospital one for seventy dollars a month and if I use it ten more months, it's going to cost $700! So I just ordered one from (and used a ten dollar off coupon of course) for about two hundred. The reviews all said they were renting the hospital one too and switched without problems so hopefully it works okay. That way if I do get too fed up with the breastfeeding I can always go back to pumping/bottle feeding.

    Won't be able to make the meet either so I'm glad I won't miss you! Noah and I are going up to Gramma's for the week. (Hopefully we'll get to the beach too! Can't wait to see Noah in the water! I thought that two months might be too young but apparently my mom had me in the water at one month. LOL. We'll see how it goes I guess.)
  16. It's nice when they get older and you can bribe them with a sucker after their shots

    It's been a busy day, I had a ton of envies to get ready for trains and I'm out of address labels so I had to write out my return address a million times, lol. Have you gotten into trading and trains yet?

    Did you see there is a meet up planned at South Keys for next week? I won't be able to make it but still hoping to plan one for Carlingwood in the middle of August. It's so funny, I talk to all of you guys everyday like we're old friends and yet I've never met anyone from SC in person! It's funny how you can feel so close to people you haven't met!
  17. He actually did really well with his shots. He got one in each leg and he was already crying when she gave them to him because he was starving. So we popped a bottle in his mouth right after and he stopped crying right away. He's got a big red mark on one leg today and it's a little swollen, but so far he hasn't shown any of the side affects she mentioned so that's good.

    Things are going much better today. DH got up to feed him at 6 and I ended up having to get up to pump anyway and then Noah actually slept until ten. I BF him at ten and we finished around 10:45 and he's been asleep in his playpen ever since. We'll see how it goes the rest of the day. About to run down to check my mail and then eat some lunch so I'll have to feed him again soon after that and then maybe we can get a nap in today.

    Hope you are having a good day and I'll talk to you later. *hugs*
  18. Thanks Tami, it always helps to hear that I'm not a bad mommy. I just wish DH would have said something to the doctor. Usually he's very vocal about things he's not happy about and it just made me feel like he was siding with her. He sent me an email this morning saying how worried he is about me not getting enough sleep now that I'm BFing and not pumping so I told him that if we're doing this HE'S the one getting up in the middle of the night and bringing the baby to me and changing/burping/putting him back down to sleep again. That's actually what they told us to do at prenatal class, but then we ended up switching to the bottle because he just didn't want to take the breast.

    Today is going better. I find if I start feeding him when he first wakes up and is still sleepy it's a lot easier. Especially if my breasts aren't super full of milk. When they get like that he has a hard time latching on which makes him frustrated and starts with the screaming/punching/crying/etc.
  19. I can't believe the Dr. would tell you that I would have punched her in the face. If pumping works better for you then I say go for it. There's no reason you should have to get that upset trying to feed your baby. At least your trying to give him breast milk and I really don't think it matters if he gets it from the breast or from a bottle. I couldn't breast feed at all with my second because I would have had a nervous breakdown! You absolutely have to do what's best for you and your family, don't listen to her that's bull I'm so angry for you

    You are NOT a bad mommy!! We all have those feelings from time to time, especially when we feel like we'll never sleep a full 8 hours again! I'm lucky that I have people that WILL give me a break once in awhile when I need it. Especially with depression rearing it's ugly head, I NEED those breaks!

    How did he make out getting his shots yesterday? I hope you and he have a better day today
  20. Hopefully we run into each other tomorrow. LOL. With the Dr and going to the mall for some shopping/lunch I didn't have time to get on at all. Took me two hours to do one feeding with Noah (with the breast) and by the end of it we were both crying and I had to put him down or I would have shaken him to death I was so frustrated. I'm a bad, bad, mommy.

    (LOL I always run out of letters writing back to you pouring my soul out. )
  21. Sometimes a break is good! It makes you appreciate the other person a lot more and gives you time to cool down from any frustrations you've been having. LOL. I know because I have to have a 'break' from Noah every now and then when I feel like chucking him off the balcony.

    Just so frustrated with my family doctor telling me I have to breastfeed and not pump/bottle feed. Like seriously? You should be happy I'm giving him breastmilk and not formula, not giving me crap for doing what works for our family. She wants us to pay for a lactation consultant and everything. She says it will be so much easier for me. Easier? Seriously, how is going from a bottle every three hours to demand feeding every hour easier for me when he beats the crap out of me for trying to feed him with the boob. So mad I could spit.
  22. We're playing wall tag, lol. I had a great day with the boys, my oldest is home for the week (he's been staying with his Dad). He is the one I have all the problems with but he was so happy to see me last night... the time apart has been good for us

    Have a fantastic day and I hope to catch you on later!
  23. Sheets, I feel like we're playing phone tag without the phone. Hope you had a good day with your little man. Mine was fussy but he's sleeping now so trying to get caught up on the forums! *HUGS*
  24. Good morning! Ugh, sleep deprivation... those days are so fresh in my mind it's not funny! My first NEVER slept... I think he cried for the first year of his life My second was a wonderful sleeper. Now the oldest sleeps in like a champ and my little guy is usually up at 5:30 or 6, lol. Their sleep patterns change constantly... he will sleep through the night eventually!

    I can never seem to catch you in Post Anything, argh! I'm so bored!!!
  25. I think we are destined to be friends It's nice when you meet someone and just feel that connection.

    I've suffered from depression all my life but I've learned to hide it so well only a very few people know. It's worse for me right now, being a single mother but I still put on a smile everyday and go on with my day. I just try to do more things that make ME happy instead of always trying to please everyone else!

    I do get to Ottawa once in awhile to go shopping and I'm planning to meet up with a few other Ottawa SCers in August- it would be awesome if you could come too! We haven't decided on a place yet but we're planning for a mall... maybe Carlingwood even!
  26. Sheets, every time I find a post on the board that seems like it might apply to my life, there you are! I was just looking through the depression thread and thought my goodness, I wish this woman lived closer to me because we're surely destined to be friends!

    I've suffered from depression since I was a teenager and it's always been hard for me not having any family or friends who really understood what I was going through.

  27. What name did it have on it? There are a few different checks, I think. I make quite a bit on my tax benefit but that's because I'm not working right now... even when I was working I got over $100. It goes by income though.

    I'm glad little Noah is fine this morning It always gives you such a scare though, doesn't it? It never stops either- just last week I closed the fridge door on my 7 year old because I didn't realize he was right there!! Ugh... I feel like my poor kids get beat on, I'm such a clutz lol
  28. Yeah, I was so upset last night but he's still alive this morning and his usual cranky self so I guess I'll quit worrying. LOL.

    I was so confused by the baby bonus, I work at the bank and I see people with these Universal Child Tax Benefit cheques for $100, mine had a different name and was only for fifty-six bucks. Apparently we make too much money! LOL. I dunno where all this money is going, I never see it!
  29. Good morning! I saw your post about the baby falling off the couch- my kids both did that at least once! He'll be fine and you're not a terrible Mama!!

    Baby bonus is always nice to get It certainly helps out, that's for sure!
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