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  1. Morning Dis
    Thx so much for the post and the pm
    hopefully I'll see ya all real soon
  2. Hey my little friend
    Thx for the rep
  3. Reading isn't a competition. The fact that you don't run from books as if they carry the plague puts you miles ahead of most. That you've shared the joy of reading with your kids is PRICELESS! I was lucky. My Dad started reading to me the very first day I came home from the hospital. Apparently he started with the Bible (King James Version), that I might have an appreciation for Shakespearean English. Obviously I was just a wee lump of near nothingness, yet it seems to have done the trick. IF you are comfortable doing so, send me a PM with your email address so I can send you my list of the books that my boss has unwittingly paid me to read these past 9+ years. I'm always overjoyed to share my love of literature. Give me a hint as to what interests you, I'll gladly try to match you up with something worth your while!
  4. I just luv your new avatar
  5. Thx for the rep my good reading buddy
    I like to read as well, but I pale in comparison
    I am just happy I was able to pass the passion on to my kids
  6. Mostly classic literature. I've read all the Russian literature I could get my hands on. Philosophy, history, etc. No pulp fiction! If you really want an answer I could send you a list of what I've been "paid to read" whilst I've been working afternoons as a dispatcher since 1999. Just reading my list would be more reading than a great many people are willing to do. Reading is my passion!
  7. Thx for the rep
    What sort of books do you like to read??
  8. Thx for befriending me, u r the best
    Don't know who we can trust anymore!! LOL
    Have a great Psunday
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