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  1. gee...wonder how you came up with the idea of a ferret in a birthday hat....
  2. It's addictive....I just sit there watching TV and clicking the button every so many seconds.
  3. Thanks a lot. Now I'm hooked on the slots.
  4. got hooked on that new game on Wannawin, the slots.
    up to 7050 tokens and waiting to win something else
  5. It's about time you showed up
  6. comment on my PM about the fudge....thought for sure it would have earned a come back...
  7. What is Jessica doing...

    Of course I remember her...cow...afterbirth.
  8. you would never guess who I just got in touch with...Jessica...remember "Brian and Jessica"???
  9. He took new x-rays, said he would see them later in the day and if he sees anything he will call me tomorrow, if I don't get a call then nothing to worry about.
  10. Well...what did the doc say?
  11. ok...what size would that be...triple Z
  12. No more doobies for me!!!

  13. Happy Canada Day 'eh
  14. Congrats on your silver star....

  15. Happy Canada Day Weekend.
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