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  1. When you get up to it, please take a look at the thread I just started
  2. Hey we were in Shawnavon for Fri-Sun for thanksgiving weekend, and Monday we were out at Mom and Dads. I rarelly go stacking anymore. i dont have the pacients now that i cant stack P&Gs. I do tiny trips of a few things here and there but thats about it.
  3. hey there been trying to get a hold of you for a while now just wondering how things are. also is ld stacking still the same as i was hoping to do a trip near the end of this month
  4. cuz i had a bunch that i never entered and they say that there not active
  5. Im not sure. Why? I dont have them long before I use them
  6. how long till icoke points expire
  7. I use a different internet browser than I used to so I dunno
  8. when u first started me on this site you gave ma a few others to check out there was living well, brand saver, bzz agent and one more and i cant remeber it
  9. I dont know what ones your even talking about.
  10. hey what we all those web sites again that you gave me for free samples
  11. the pet contest thing
  12. where is what?
  13. whereis that
  14. Check out Pet contest, post #15
  15. u can go a head if u want
  16. Hey just wondered if your going to enter Bailey in the cute pet contest? If not I have a pic I would like to enter, so let me know!
  17. hehe getting a puppy
  18. BB spoiler site:
  19. Hey!!!!! So he's going tonight but not this afternoon. He finally realized we couldnt afford it! Go log on to MSN and I'll meet you on there!
  20. ok it still makes me mad though
  21. Dont remember but dont worry I think it expires this weekend!
  22. hey what coupon book was that new glade one in the spend 15 save 10 in cuz i do think my husband threw it out
  23. there better
  24. You have to update your profile now! Your in Regina anymore.
  25. hey i got a mir for that sunlight u bought me do u want it
  26. indeed it was a thank you for riding her train
  27. yeah i seen that if i can that would be nice but we will have to wait and see
  28. Hey you should check out our local tab. I have decided coffee/swap will defiantely be a go on Monday night, if you can make it let me know if you wanna ride.
  29. yeah sure just put them to the side for me
    thank u
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