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  1. hi there sorry i didn't get back to you sooner. my girls are sick with colds/flus and now grace has had an allergic reaction. maybe we can do something next week? i've got family comming down mid-week until after christmas so if not then, then after christmas? let me know
  2. We did, how about u? We got to hang at my parents place and relax! Did u want to get together today (after work) or another time this week? Just can't do wednesday. Let me know
  3. hey, hope you had a good weekend!
  4. fantastic! super excited
  5. sure, my dd loves hot dogs. i'll feed claire (my little one) before we go - she still only has 6 teeth *groan* and i'll just bring her some snackie puffs or something. cant wait!
  6. sure! dbl dbl is good. i can make hot dogs for the kids if you are ok w/ that
  7. sounds good, do you like Tims? i can grab something on the way over
  8. yes please!! sure i thought it could be like a playdate sort of the thing for the kids and a coupon meet for the moms!
  9. hey yeah, that sounds good - is it okay if i bring my girls? husband is on afternoons this week. do you want to do a coupon exchange thing? i can bring my binders
  10. hi! just wanted to confirm that we will get together tomorrow around 6 or so? Give me a call at work and I can give you directions - 705.728.1212 im there 8am - 5pm
  11. i did, started off rocky - had the flu on thurs/fri., had a surprise bday party at SIL's on saturday. yeah, wed. should be okay... what time works for you? 6ish?
  12. the weekend sure had its ups and downs! how about yours? if you are able we should get together this week . . . are you free wednesday evening (pm and later)?
    happy birthday!
  13. hope you had a good weekend!
  14. hope your kids had a great halloween!
  15. ahh you went! it was good! my first time with our 3 year old to a movie. she was really excited. she your kids dress up? she dressed up as a witch and i painted her face. so cute! the girl took her pic for the borden paper so hopefully it will be in there next week!! can't complain about the price at all, last time i went to a movie it was $10 just to get in!
  16. how did you like the movie? i liked it though wish lightening would have been more of a player - the cost was great - $2 for movie, popcorn and drink plus a treat bag!
  17. IM GOING TO CARS2 too!!! we should totally meet up! i didn't know you could dress up for the movie? i was thinking of taking the kids either to downtown barrie in the am (they have free wagon rides, face painting etc) by the farmers market or to the spooktaular at the kozlov centre then movies. oh i wanted to try to get a free halloween picture too at blacks . . .im tired just thinkin of it lol
  18. a meet up would be awesome, would also love to meet a fellow sc'er - nobody i know IRL actually enjoy couponing so itd be nice to discuss some real deals!
  19. hehe may need to team up! my 3 yr old gives me a run for my money. I'm taking her to the cars 2 movie thats playing at the borden theatre on saturday. she gets to dress up in her costume and its only $2 to get in + free popcorn and a goodybag.
  20. i was thinking of starting a home daycare too! maybe we can team up?! lol there are a lot of free/ inexpensive things to do around angus/ base bordan with your kids. check out the ontario early years website and the family resource centre on base. also the library too!
    for coupons angus is hit or miss - when the tft coupons came out i found those but a lot of the tear pads/ coupon booklets i haven't seen at all . . . . we should get together sometime - would love to exchange coupons and meet a fellow couponer!
  21. oh my gosh, no i hadnt heard of it! i think i might look into that as my dd is so shy and she really would benefit from a program to get her self confidence up. she used to do gymnastics back in midland and she was just getting into it and we moved. my SIL brought me some brochures from borden to look at so it could be a possibilty too. do you find many coupons in angus? or better luck in barrie? i havent seen too many, i had high hopes for sobeys but its been a flop!
  22. i think for you pine river is the closest. did you know about the pine chappel preschool that's offered? i put my dd there a couple years ago to get her ready for JK and maybe next year for my son. i currently work in barrie but always have my eyes peeled for a better opportunity - would love to stay home with my kids more!
  23. thats great, i'm still a bit undecided about where my daughter will go to school next year - im on mccarthy cres so im not too sure which school is the closest. i'll hafta start checking into that. do you work in angus or barrie?
  24. i have 2 kids. dd is 5 and in sk at the catholic school and ds is 2 and is in daycare most times during the day
  25. thatd be awesome. how old are your little ones? i have a 3 year old and a 1 year old - both girls
  26. hi! thanks for leaving me a message! would love to meet if you should want go for a coffee or a playdate for the kids?
  27. i just noticed youre from angus.. i just moved here. just thought i'd say hi!
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