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  1. you're welcome!
    hope you had a great w/e!
  2. howdy doody tks for the rep.
  3. My schedule is all messed up and that messes me cleaning lady has a bunch of stuff going on and is switching days this week, so now I'm totally confused. (it doesn't take much )
  4. ?stunned? everything ok?
  5. Hi there...tks for the rep. I'm in stunned mode today.
  6. Tks, and gooood evening to you too.
    this rep stuff is serious around here.
  7. Tks for the rep. YAY....a sunny day today.
  8. Yup, more rain. If I wanted rain, I would live on the coast.
    Tks for rep.
  9. np
  10. oh boy, I'm thanking the wrong person....sorry. I'll catch up to him.
  11. found it! it was posted by shaman. don't know where he got it!
  12. maybe I should google Adult
    I could google Adult Lego. Sometimes googling is scary. hee hee
  13. i'm looking for it
  14. I think its the feisty woman thread....I saved the pic to my computer to show hubby.
  15. ? i don't remember
    what thread is that onl?
  16. Hey! where on earth did you find the pic of S and M Lego??
    tks for rep.
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