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  1. goats tend to climb the bales and on them....boogers.
  2. yeh we make loats of hay... I remember many years ago before we had the roundbaler we made thousands and thousands of small bales... I hated that time
  3. I think I kept 35 small bales last year....we put them ontop of wood pallets in my empty horse stall. Maybe I have 20 left....?
    I feel bad for the farmers with cows, they eat a ton.
  4. me to, I was on my last roundbale on sunday, but I had another 30+ besides the barn (indoors) but to get the new once in we have to remove all the once there to put the others up in the loaft, well on sunday we did just that, we put them all on to the top floor now I have lasts years 1 cut that grew old, but amazing stuff!! the bottom grass 2nd cut?? grew in to it *LOL* don't know how to explain it but it's great stuff and the sheep love it, now the bottom part of the loaft is ready for this years hay if we manage to make some for my sheep, we did some for the cows, but still have lots to do. 2nd cut we put in silos and wrap most of it. for the cattle
  5. How many times does it need to rain on my hay before I cry?
    LOL....I don't care anymore. I've still got some left from last year.
  6. I missed this post sorry *LOL*
    yes we do hay in between rain *LOL* some eaven got washed! we still have not finished 1 cut it realy sucks this year.
  7. My hay got cut yesterday......tedder today....hoping for bales on Wednesday.
    (I think it will rain and trash my hay) Are u doing hay?
  8. The sheep must be shivering by now....Brrrrr.
  9. Hello neighbour...
  10. Hi bina
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