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  1. hi Bloo! i saw your shout out on r f d. lol.
  2. lol thanks again for the wicked new info! your more into this anime stuff than me,for me its so hard to catch up,so much school crap
    thank you for updating me !
  3. a remake of dragon ball z is out, and it's called dragon ball kai. it's part for the 20th anniversary celebration. it's in HDTV format and some scenes have been replaced. there is also a new opening and new ending song for it.

    It came out on April 5th and here's the Japanese with English subtitles:
  4. lol cool thanks for the link,I'll check it out soon
  5. dbz music was good but omg the storyline was soo bad that it was funny! haha

    the new FMA is out with english subs too! i heard only the first episode is a filler because they didn't want to be exactly like the first anime. the new FMa will follow the manga's storyline and will most likely be a LONG series. my guess will be 40+ episodes. anyhoo, you can check out the first episode here:
  6. omg wait,I saw what you and weeeooojr were talking about *blush*
    a new FMA SERIES
    are you serious,im so happy! I hope its good as the "fma" series!!
  7. lol they killed the dbz spirit
    I know the trailer looks horrible,but have you herad the OST? that sounds really good! I'll watch it to critisize(sp?) it
  8. are you sure you want to see dragon ball evolution? i saw it the other day online...and's not that great...
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