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  1. Hope you've had a wonderful summer!
  2. I have a thank you star beside your name for Ashokia's Birthday VWT - unfortunately I cant remember what I wanted to especially thank you for... But thank you so much none the less!!
  3. aren't they sweet - they are actually a friend of mines - but we do have a Bernese Mountain Dog that is my pride and joy.
  4. wish I could see a larger pic of those rotten dogs in your avatar
    I just want to kiss those cheeky jowls!!!
  5. oh my gosh, thanks so much for the mini pony! I love her. I can't wait to get my north american house hippo - i want to call her Clementine.
  6. Your mini pony delivered as promised - and she's gorgeous, congratulations!
    introducing "couponandoff's Mrs. Mayticklepants"
    Also, I thought I would let you know that I will be posting a waiting listing for American House Hippos. You were'nt the only one who inquired about them. I have 2 pregnant females now, who are due to birth in a few weeks. Visit my tradelist this afternoon for more info.
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