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  1. happy halloween to your kiddos!

  2. mine kept going in and out. but what had happened was, when i attached the 2nd printer, i guess i messed up the cords, and had a usb one and a regular one attached to the modem, so the modem was going between the 2 trying to figure out which one it was supposed to be using.

    felt like a fool when i called tech supoprt..
  3. thanks! i'm going to bed in a few mins.. still got that headache.. have a good night, and don't lose the plug again on that damn computer!
  4. I love your new pics!
  5. the photos on the slide aren't raunchy at all. i had to take off one because his pants were too low in it. LOL! i mean, LOW. boo woulda shot me over that one. anyway, it's rated G. nothing bad at all. just you might drool alot..

    and the guy you have is too sweet to be gale. but ya the hair is similar..could be mistaken for his younger brother.
  6. Thanks! LOL...I have a friend over right now...ummm....maybe I should wait until he leaves...I Posted a pic of the guy on the show I saw. I guess it isn't him. It says that his name is Evan Farmer, but don't you think he looks like him?

    i got 2 fan vids about him i found on youtube. but be warned u may need a shower after!
  8. well..he did do some carpentry work before he got into showbiz! lol. lemme grab you my thread, there's some slides there..won't send you the raunchy stuff..god only knows we don't want your mom to go blind..
  9. LMAO...I swear I saw this guy that looked like that decorating a house on While You Were Out (but have only seen the show one time, so could very well be wrong!!)

    nooooooo you'd find him banging some hot dude in queer as folk, or as terri hatcher's new bf on desperate housewives. was also in vanished, grey's anatomy etc
  11. the contest started before the father's day one, but ran after if i recall right. so that would be in june?
  12. How long ago did you win the contest?
  13. I think so, it looks like they removed 2 of them, but left two. One of the ones they left is one that I put in the e-mail.
  14. they have never replied to my emails, except the one that i sent to 2 different ppl asking where my damn prize was :D

    still waiting for it too..but i know it's on the way, or should be..

    so they did remove some of the nasty comments on yours? kaela is emailing them about the 2 I found that they didn't.
  15. re: the 100,000 vote comment. i came across that. i'm very doubtful if there's an ounce of truth to it. but if something like that happened, p&p would be too quick to investigate. that would be such a blatant form of cheating they could not ignore.
  16. no that's impossible. they can't tell how many votes anyone has. they're just trying to get you going.

    besides, i think rq put in a good thousand all on her own for ya
  17. Yeah, that would drive me even crazier than it is already if I could see the number of votes. That is great that you won! Did you see the comment under the other entry where they say she had 100,000 votes? Do you think she really had that many?
  18. DOH! i knew i forgot to do something. din't take you long to figure out how to do friend requests!

    i bet your ready to pull your hair out with this contest?

    the good thing is they don't show how many votes ya got. with the cat contest, i watched me go 200 pts ahead, then the next morning 500 behind. when i started i was 700 behind and never thought i had a chance. but the person did not go online on the weekends, so they all got me caught up. when the contest was supposed to end, i was 400 ahead.. it was never wrecking! i would freaked if i hadda lost on account of them not following their own rules.

    so hang in there. it'll end soon. if justin wasn't in it, i'd be rooting for the table with all the food on it. i love tostitos!!!
  19. Thanks, I'm still voting for everyone's pictures too.
  20. we're all still voting for justin, incase the pts are still going thru
  21. Thanks for the information on the points/words. I hadn't seen it yet when I posted my questions about it today.
  22. thanks for the rep! and comment. looks like your finding your way around pretty dang good!

    re: the points we're all talking about.

    if you signup at or (i forget which, maybe u have to signup in both). create an account.

    then go to sheknows, signup for the newsletters.

    ok, so on points and prizes, explains how it all works.

    in sheknows and her partner sites (chefmom, maint street mom, all listed on the main page). they have "words" you'll see boxes as such: at the very bottom you'll see a pink box (won't let me insert it here).. says: ... keyword UNIQUE for 250 pts! good thru 09/17/07.

    the newsletters you subscribe too will also contain words, a big one on the main page, and follow the links and you'll find more. not always in a pink box, sometimes just in writing.

    on the contest page you'll find more words:

    also entering the "featured contests" at the top of that same page, will give you contest to enter to earn pts 3 different ways: by submitting an entry, by voting, and by leaving comments.

    another way to earn points is referring someone to sheknows after you join..if you want me to refer you i need your email.

    also each month they have a "word hunt". this one is called fall fashion, more info here:

    here is where they hide words throughout their partner sites, and message boards. that's what all those words i posted were from.

    now what is all this good for? prizes from p&

    When a family retreats to their summer cabin, they hope the idyllic lakeside setting will wash away their petty squabbles and day-to-day worries. But before the coals on the first campfire cool, their world is turned upside down when their son stumbles upon the creature "terrorizing" the locals- a big, drooling, lovable mutt, FRANK. Click here for more details! Get it for 200000 points!

    it doesn't take very long at all to accumulate points, i've only been doing this a few months, and have hit almost 400,000 pts if i hadn't been cashing em in.

    your allowed 2 accounts per household. between us here and my mom's place, we've gotten

    a book for my son, 2 dvd's (kappa mikey), a pair of heel grips, a scooby doo dvd and a tshirt.

    it's a good site, worth checking into.
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