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  1. hi Dottbatt

    I think that both Qualico Cleaning and Mark-it Clean are a scam. We were able to get our money refunded in to dealfind dollars plus 10%. We decided to go that route since my husband buys the paintball packages from them and will use the $. the dealfind dollars do not expire but i am not happy about the whole thing. we just got the dealfind dollars last week and started the whole process around December 12th.

    I did a web search and found someone else who posted about mark-it clean. they were listed with wagjag as well as dealfind and kijiji. I suspect there are lots of people who were affected by this. when i called to complain to dealfind the operator was shocked that the phone numbers had changed to qualico as they were running a deal for them.

    If you do go to any of the media outlets I would be happy to share my nightmare as well. I never did hear back from either qualico or mark-it clean btw.
  2. Hello I am writing about a post you had about mark it clean. I also bought 4 vouchers from Dealfind for this and my story is annoying and brutal. Dealfind gave me an alternate number about 20 days after I got the vouchers- and I called and they finally answered, the woman on the phone sounded weird, but deal find assured me it was all legit and they were part of the BBB and a good reputable company. I booked the 4 dates, one being today Dec 28th 2011 at 8 am. of course no one showed , and I was super annoyed. I called dealfind and they said that I needed to send an email, but the guy over the phone said to me that I wouldn't get a full refund just a credit! I was so mad, its because of the dealfind staff that I went past the 30days. Surely the number they also gave me, was now no longer in service and the original number on the vouchers are for Qualico cleaning services,I will also go public and to media with this. what about u?
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