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  1. Just a quick question, you told me yesterday that the kids listerene was on sale for 3.25 but I forgot at what store. Definitely didn't find them at the pharmaplus.
  2. Dan, It was my pleasure meeting you yesterday. Thanks for guiding me for the Oral B vitality. Actually after we left I went directly to Pharmaplus at University and FischerHallman, and I found the oral B vitality precision clean for $ 6.26 with my $5 coupon it came down to $2.07 with taxes. The Oral B vitality whitening was for $8, they didn't have the sales written down but I had my husband go and ask them.
    Thanks again for pointing this out for me yesterday.
  3. It was nice to meet you last night. I want you to know I checked pharmaplus University and fisherhallman for Oral B Vitality ($5 coupon). They had several but they were $8 and Sarah got them for $6. I checked pharmaplus on Belmont and they were out (Sarah bought them all I think). This might save you some time and gas.
  4. I have the catelli coupons, I can give you some. I got them from Sobeys (Columbia & Fischer Hallman). If you go there you might still find some. If not let me know and I can give you what I have.
  5. i'm looking for coupons for catelli smart pasta .75 and raisin bran $1
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