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  1. Thanks for the rep...Have a good day.
  2. Thanks for the rep..
  3. Thanks..
  4. Excellent!!! I wish you both smooth sailing!
  5. Yeah we went for dinner and a movie..We're just friends but things are going good. We
    are heading in the right direction.
  6. I wonder if it's the hotel I stayed in on my one and only visit to Timmins..
    And did I read somewhere that you and your former girlfriend are together again? It was on some thread here, I think....public, so I hope you don't mind my asking...I recall you were to meet her for lunch a Saturday or two ago...:-D
  7. I work at a hotel here in Timmins. Usually Sun to Thurs nights. This week I work 7 days Sun to Sat night but next week I work 3 days.
  8. Ah...I suppose if I looked up "Coll" I might have found Beautiful photo...unlike...ahem...some others you have..

    Nighty-night, Cab. BTW...where do you work? Or is it a secret??
  9. Whats wrong with my pictures,lol. Btw that pic is in Coll, Scotland.

  10. You have a good day and thanks for the reps...Im off to bed I have to work tonight.
  11. Your welcome...I had (probably still have) a blog on there and it turned out just lovely! And YES, absolutely....time to look after yourself for a change!!
  12. Thanks for the msg, I just don't feel like going through all this crap again so soon. I will see what happens. Thanks for the info on the site too.
  13. Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons. When our DD was in her teens (yikes!!!)...and didn't get 'THE' guy she wanted, or broke up with one she thought she did, I always asked her to cast her mind back....was the last 'guy' followed by better ones? In other words....there are always better fish in the only gets BETTER!!
    Man. I'm glad I didn't settle for the first frog I thought was a prince that I kissed in the 60s!!!
    Parents are usually very perceptive!!!!
    BTW....about your's very nice and I concur re separating the men's from the women's, but did you investigate the free 'wordpress' sites they offer? The pages look very professional...perhaps take a wee peek?
    Hope you're having a very nice, quiet weekend!...Lynn
  14. Thanks for the rep, btw my family all told me today they didnt really like her anyway. They thought she was no good for me.
  15. Thanks for the rep, my dad and his "vacations".
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