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  1. ooh I got it..... (idiot!)

  2. Happy Mother's Day, I don't know how kaela does those pretty pics, she told me where but I can't get them to load or I would have had a pretty one for you
  3. Happy mother's day to you too!
  4. As always I am doing alright. Could always be better but going to make the best of this weekend since it's

    Hope you're doing good too! Happy Mother's Day! :D
  5. just wanted to say hello! :o)

    I hope you're doing well. have a great weekend.

  6. Ok, never tried to do a graphic here but I found this, thought it was cute, and gave it a try

    K, nevermind, I am not pc savvy enough to find one to work... now I have to harass another sc member to find out where they get them...LOL
  7. woohoo, your back! Not like you really left but .. .well you WERE here
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