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  1. i used 5!!! she rang them in, rang in the coupons and I was out of there!!!
    I also saw gillette deoderant for 1.00$ so I am going to go tomorrow and get lots of those too cause I still have the coupons!
  2. Yes I am getting some tomorrow how many coupons did you use today???
  3. none what so ever!!! I was thinking about going back later and getting more!!
  4. How did it go today with the pizza coupons?? Just wondering if you had any trouble??
  5. Yep I got the redplum today, and lots of them, there is nothing really good except the 6$ stack of gain wub2 which you will be able to stack with the 6$ from, and the 6$ wub 3 febreeze so FREE!!!
  6. hey did you get the redplum in the little paper.. I got the smart source in the News but thought we were getting the redplum also..
  7. No we get ours a week later for some reason this town is a bit behind.. Hope that helps.
  8. Hey! have you gotten the last smartsource and all that in the mail the last weekend ones I didnt get
  9. Well for this one and the last bring those two thing and we will call it good. Sound ok to you?? I hope the next redplum will have some diapers coupons.. Hey EF here in town has big box of huggies on for 19.00 if that interests you..LOL
  10. lol perfect, I will bring you that, and then a box of fruitloops, and Umm what else.. LOL.
  11. Ya that works for me.. I might still be napping..LOL
  12. I work in penticton tomorrow until 4.. I could swing by tomorrow night around 6 ish to your house if that is ok??
  13. Oh that would be great.. Are you coming to extra foods tomorrow?? I am working till noon. I have your coupons in my purse if you do..LOL
  14. I see you are online!!! :D:D. I got one box of cherioes so I can clip that out for you for your son
  15. The code are on GM cereal.. As for the other I don't have too much so we will figure out something.. Are you in town?? I could just drop them off at your place.. Let me know.
  16. where do you get those codes? Im not to sure I have them lol, the only thing i have was the stackable cascade, the dove that ends in 44 sunlight green and clean, and boxes of fruitloops LOL, if you want a gc from somewhere too then just let me know what you want in return! I just need the pamper coupons no pullups or anything like that at the moment
  17. Ok I think I have them all together now..LOL. Did you want pullups and training pants like that??? I am hunting for at the moment for codes for the free magazines so I can get DS some. He loves to read and get mail..LOL
  18. Ok got you message.. I will have to have a looksie to see what I have left.. I know I have some from for you.. My brain is fried at the moment from too much sun this weekend.. I will try and get back to you soon..
  19. Raawwwrrr.. we need to get this trade done asap because I need some more diapers LOL! I still dont even know exactly what you want.... and what you have.. let me know all what you are willing to trade, and what you want from me so I can have it ready when I come to town thursday this comming week palease! my child caught the measles, her body didnt fight off the shot like it was supposed to so we have been couped up for a while
  20. What time are you leaving?? Maybe we could get this trade done..LOL Before you go??
  21. I will be tomorrow!
  22. Are you in Kamloops??
  23. good morning to you! I hope you are having a fantastic sunday morning! I still have my eye on all your pamper coupons I have sunlight green and clean 1&2$ off, cascade stacks and a few of the dove coupons that end in 44.. Or I could give you some fruitloops with the back cut out as well LOL! and some cascade packs under my sink LOL! Just let me know if you still havent traded some away
    To You
    From ME
  24. Yes you must be in the loops the diapers went on sale but not 50% as of yet..
  25. perfect that would be awsome!! just let me know what they are going to pink sticker and I will be there so fast LOL, and I have I believe 5 boxes of fruitloops as well as 2 or 3 boxes of miniwheats, the frosted kind as well as the other kinds Im not to sure what they are lol !
  26. Hey there yes we eat fruit loops and mini wheats. I have no idea how many I would have to look at the diaper coupons I have left. Oh also I seen at work today they had a bunch of diapers in the back that are not on Plano anymore. I will try to find out if they are going on the pink sticker program..LOL.. If so I will take a closer look to see they have. I remember seeing lots of huggies in boxes. I will let you know.
  27. soooo.. do you guys eat fruit loops? mini wheats? And if so how many boxes with holes cut out of the back when I took the coupons out, would I have to give you to take your diaper coupons
  28. Yes I love the games on here..LOL Yeah that sounds good to me.. Have a great weekend I work all weekend but at least I am switching to day shift for the next two weeks..
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