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  1. aww thats alright! I did but don't worry the luminaires were out of stock so we can go another time!
  2. did you make it to ld today!? sorry I didnt make it there
  3. For you "adopting a family" are you going to get them some cleaning supplies? Right now the green works is an amazing deal! If you need any coupons let me know
  4. yes they should be in the mail this weekend
  5. do you know if we get the P&G flyer booklets or do you order off the website? I believe all that has come to my house is some smartsource or something?
  6. Honestly it happens all the time at Superstore (where I work). When new policies come into place employees (even management) are often confused about it. One says one thing, one says another. It happens. I'm not shopping there for a while - until they have their acts together. You can try calling head office but when I did (about three months ago when I began to stack) she tried to tell me you couldn't stack! hahahah! Anyways let me know what happens I really hope they will let stacking continue though, it sure is nice!
  7. I dont understand I might have to call the head office of LD.. because again today I was told I couldnt stack...
    but it says in there policy that if they have different UPCs you are allowed, and they again told me no!
    it doesnt matter what media source it comes from apparently so why is our store telling us differently now?
  8. That is SO cool! I did not know there was anyone else from Kamloops on here!!! Send me your address and I'll send you a ROAK!
  9. hey, I just noticed you are from kamloops, I am as well!! LOL .. I just thought I would say hello!
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