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  1. I think Oct. 9th is just too soon... so sorry.
  2. Ok I won't send you the fiber 1 coupon then. I also have a coupon for Frank's red hot sauce. but expiration is Oct 9 th. Is it too soon for you? thanks!
  3. Hi Labbemi. I don't need either of those. I would take Fibre one regular size... from websaver or tear pad, but not the value size. I took Always off because the train we cancelled and I made a trade from some. If there isn't anything else on my list that you have I will take more of the Always... but don't really need it.
  4. Hi!
    I am on the vwl coupon train with you. I noticed that you removed Always from your wishlist, is that correct? Also, I have a coupon for fibre 1 granola bars: save 1$ when you buy a value size (11). Exp. May 2012. Is that okay? Thanks!
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