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  1. You have one fooked up neigbhours! thanks for the laff this am. with everything that's been going on in P&P, i really needed it.

    whatever they're growing over there, maybe you guys should steal some of it :D
  2. ask my sister about her horse thieving now, first she is accused of climbing the fence, and chasing down coyote puppies, then, accused of stealing horses. Our neighbors are nuts. I'd have a really hard time dressing up as my sister, rofl, she's six inches taller than me!
    the neighbor jumped onto me at Walmart, told me that the dogs I stole from her field were coyotes, and how dare my mom and I steal them, how did we know it wasn't her puppies?? I said, UH, nope, we didn't! she said, then it was your mom and sister, and I know they did because they told Robert they took them, they spent an hour chasing them down! I LAUGHED. I said I'd pay money to see that, if our own dogs were across that snake infested fenceline, they wouldn't go in after them, they'd have to go get help, Mom and my sister are both handicapped, and could not climb a fence! they couldn't RUN, so I know they didn't run around chasing dogs, OH, and they also know the difference between a coyote and a german shepard, we have raised 2 coyotes in my lifetime. but, the woman still swears we took her coyotes and gave them to the SPCA. I don't know what they are growing over there, but she needs to quit smoking it, LOL! Then, another neighbor came over, swearing my dads horse was hers, and her girlfriends. And wanted to take my dad's horse home with them. Now, if you can't identify your own horse, you shouldn't go to your neighbors house and swear they have your horse...maybe its something in the water, around here...but they've all gone crazy! lol
    we have more dogs than we need,lol, someone dumped a little golden retriever last week, and a new cat appeared too.
    Hope things are going better for ya {{{HUGS}}}
  3. canjen, we're you dressed up as your sister? needed a few hounds maybe???
  4. {{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}
    Just thought you might need a hug.
  5. your nephews accident was a horrible experience. makes me wonder where all the decent caring ppl are hiding. what an awful woman, and what a usless bunch of bystanders. no one wants to get involved. they'll get theirs tho. what goes around comes around.
  6. he was badly bruised, limped for weeks, hurt his ribs bad, and had a concussion. The worst part was the bus drivers didn't even call police or ambulance, and let him crawl on the bus and ride an hour home! they never even reported the accident, lady was never found. bus drivers that witnessed weren't even reprimanded for their actions. My sister took him to the hospital as soon as he got off the bus, but he didn't remember the accident. the only way we knew, a cousin saw him get hit, and called to ask if he was ok, before my nephew got home. He's ok now, but it was a traumatic experience, that could have ended up FAR worse, thank God it wasn't!
  7. thanks canjen i'm hoping it's canned stuff she can chew. some of it's so soft it sticks to her mouth like peanutbutter, and some she just can't bite thru. so hopefully stuff she can use.

    i will not complain if i get 500 cans of food.
  8. I just gave rep till I ran out, it said I have to wait 24 hrs to do it again,LOL. you are one of the three people who have given me rep once in the past two weeks, Thank you! Congrats on winning! If they send catfood, I hope its in cans, so your kitty can enjoy every bite!
  9. how much rep are you spreading around? you hit me 3x! your like a major rep-a-holic~!
  10. ty for the rep
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